Top tips for writing you own wedding vows

Top tips for writing your own
Independent wedding celebrant Kelly Hawes is a huge fan of helping you plan your dream wedding day. We asked Kelly for some top tips to help you write your own wedding vows to ensure you have the most perfect wedding day possible!

Photo Credits:  Victoria Mitchell Photography , Celebrant: Kelly Hawes

Photo Credits: Victoria Mitchell Photography, Celebrant: Kelly Hawes

There is no better way to make your Wedding Ceremony personalised than writing your own vows. By doing so you will make your promises to each other direct from your heart and in your own words.

Where to start

I know for many it sounds super daunting. So here’s my tips for where to start and how to write your own vows.

  • My first rule is to be yourself. There’s nothing wrong with googling for a bit of inspiration but don’t just copy vows. If you find something you like make it your own by changing the way it’s phrased so its worded the way YOU would say it.

  • There are two main styles that you would need to choose;

    You can choose bullet points with each line making a separate promise
    You can write paragraphs which are fuller and more story telling than bullet points (see examples of both below!).


Top tips for writing your own vowsPhoto Credits: Victoria Mitchell Photography, Celebrant: Kelly Hawes

Top tips

  1. It doesn’t all have to be serious. Of course this part of the ceremony IS the serious bit and it is a big commitment to make your life long promises to each other – BUT it doesn’t mean you cant add a little bit of humour. Something that relates to YOUR real life – along the lines of “I can’t promise I’ll always remember what bin needs to be taken out but I will always be here by your side” or “I promise I’ll never watch a box set episode without you”. Things like this will get a little chuckle amongst your guests – but you will really mean it, and these things are real to you as a couple!

  2. The next tip for getting started is to write a list of words that you want to promise to your other half – are you promising to be faithful, loving, caring, sharing, strength, partners in crime, soul mates etc – here’s your starting point and a reminder of what to include into your vows.

After going through the above tips you should have some ideas coming together.

Bullet Point vows

(Name) you are the love of my life and today I take you as my (husband/wife/life long partner)

I promise to be by your side through anything life may throw at us

I will listen when you’ve had a bad day

Offer advice when it is sought, and no get upset if you decide not to take it!

Together we are a formidable team, and always have each other’s backs

I look forward to loving you even when we are grey and old

I am yours from today and for the rest of our lives

paragraph type vows

(Name) from the moment I laid eyes on you I was left breathless and it wasn’t long before I realised you were “the one” for me.  We have had a great story together so far and today I pledge my commitment to be your (husband / wife / life partner).  You have always been my rock and in return I promise to give you my unconditional love.  I look forward to the many memories we will make together and I’m ready to accept your annoying habits for the rest of my life – they may niggle me but they are who you are and I love you for it really!  I will aim to offer you the best of me and never ask any more of you than you can give.  My love, my heart and my terrible attempts at cooking are yours from this day forward.

Photo Credits: Victoria Mitchell Photography, Celebrant: Kelly Hawes

Photo Credits: Victoria Mitchell Photography, Celebrant: Kelly Hawes

I hope this has been helpful. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself, there is no right or wrong way because we are all unique. Whatever you write your partner will know it is sincere and from the heart so go for it!

For more wedding vow help, chat with Kelly Hawes about your big day!



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