3 reasons why you need a wedding album

3 reasons why you need a wedding album

Wedding Photography is one of the most important considerations for many of the couples I work with – but once you have your beautiful photographs, how are you going to keep them from being hidden away on the computer? Today we hear from Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer Becky Harley, to find out her 3 reasons for investing in a wedding album.

How do you plan to enjoy your photos after the wedding day?

Becky Harley Hertfordshire wedding album

Lots of couples are willing to invest a chunk of their budget on wedding photography, so I always ask couples how they plan to enjoy their photos after the wedding. Having the photos is all well and good, and lots of people print their favourites and have them up around the house. If you invest a lot of money in your photography and then your photos just sit on a USB forevermore, was it worth it? Here are the 3 reasons why I believe you need to consider a wedding album.

1) You will have something to enjoy looking through

How often do you spend time looking through photographs on your computer? Probably never! When you have spent money on fabulous wedding photographs you don’t want them hidden away. An album is a great way to share your photos with people who come to visit you in the months after your wedding day, and I guarantee you will enjoy flicking through it for years to come.

Becky Harley Hertfordshire wedding album

2) It doesn’t have to be expensive

You don’t have to get a professional album made (although there are some great reasons why you should below), there are lots of other options too. Many online sites will give you the ability to create your own album and have it printed using photos you upload. This will take some time but can be a lower cost option. Make sure you talk to your photographer about albums when you meet them before the wedding too, sometimes they have packages which include albums so it’s worth finding out. It’s so important that you have a way to enjoy your images properly.

Becky Harley Hertfordshire wedding album

3) Your album will be shared for generations to come

 Having a wedding album means you can create a gorgeous book that really tells the story of your wedding day. That story will be enjoyed by yourselves, your children and your grandchildren for years to come. I have no idea what technology will look like in 10 or even 30 years from now and there’s no guarantee that USBs will still work (think of VHS). A printed album will always remain accessible to everyone.

Becky Harley Hertfordshire wedding album

What’s the benefit of a professional album?

As wedding photographers, we are experts at making albums. I take the photographs that I have created for you and display them in the most appealing way! I spend time and care laying out each individual spread to include the images you have selected for your album. It’s a collaborative process to ensure your book is perfect. You may struggle to find the time to make your wedding album and it often goes to the bottom of a couples ‘to do list’. A photographer will spend the time on your behalf crafting an album for you, and it will guarantee you have it in your hands in the weeks and months after your wedding, rather than when you finally get round to it!

 Why not Make it into a date night?

Sometimes it can seem like a chore to go through and make the hard decisions of which images to include in your album, but think of it as an extension to your wedding planning. Sit down with a glass of bubbles and some chocolates, and do it together. However you decide to preserve your images, don’t leave them on a USB… take the time to get some printed, you won’t regret it!

I totally agree with you Becky, nothing beats a real photo album, and I still regularly pull mine off the shelf and look through it and relive the memories! If you want to find out more about Becky, head to her website or follow her on Instagram.

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