Why music matters at smaller weddings

why music matters at smaller weddings_engageweddings.co.ukwhy music matters at smaller weddings_engageweddings.co.uk_Natalie J Weddings

Couples looking to get married in the past year or so haven’t had it easy. Many have had to cancel or postpone their big days. In fact, 71% of weddings have had to be rescheduled because of COVID-19, according to one survey. The results also suggest that many of these rearranged weddings will be smaller.

Couples are cutting their guests lists for numerous reasons, including in anticipation of the rules only allowing smaller gatherings or people being unable to make the new date. Many couples acknowledge that a smaller wedding is also a more intimate one.

So if you’re organising (or re-organising) a smaller wedding, what do you need to consider? Well, for starters, you shouldn’t be getting rid of the music. And here’s why we think music still matters at smaller weddings:

Photo Credits:  Natalie J Weddings

Photo Credits: Natalie J Weddings

It can create intimacy

Your wedding day, of course, is romantic for you and your partner. But it’s also quite intimate with your guests – especially if there aren’t many of them. You’re sharing a key moment in your life with them.

Even way back in 2017, The NY Times was talking about a trend for ‘microweddings’ and the benefits, including how much more time you’ll have to spend chatting and socialising with your guests. Rather than being drowned out by noise, you can use background music to complement the occasions where all of you can chat together.

why music matters at smaller weddings_engageweddings.co.uk_Natalie J Weddings

You can still create a lively atmosphere

It’s not just about the romantic moments. You also want you and your guests to have a good time. And if there’s not that many of you, you’ll need most of you on the dance floor. Music is what creates the right atmosphere and encourages people to get moving. Lots of couples rely on DJs and provide lots of song recommendations they know will get their friends moving.

Or you could choose a wedding band – for most or all of the night. Although you may need to be cautious of the number in the band, most providers advise that bands will learn any first dance song. It’s up to you, but remember that music will play a large part in the evening entertainment.

Music marks key memorable moments

You can play music as your guests wait for you to arrive, as you walk down the aisle, while you’re eating, for your first dance, and into the night. A smaller wedding doesn’t have to be a quieter wedding. Embrace where you can add melody, rhythm and sound. Couples often discuss the songs they had playing at their wedding for years to come. Music can really transform a lovely moment into a lifelong memory.

why music matters at smaller weddings_engageweddings.co.uk_Natalie J WeddingsPhoto Credits: Natalie J Weddings

Photo Credits: Natalie J Weddings

How will you use music at your wedding? Share your recommendations with us.


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