Where to start with Venue Styling

Where to start with venue styling_engageweddings.co.uk
We understand the importance of a beautifully styled venue, especially when you have multiple Pinterest boards dedicated to it.
To help out, we asked some of our wonderful venue stylists to join us today and share some tips for styling your venue on your wedding day.
Styling: Ellis Elite Events

Styling: Ellis Elite Events

The Venue

Consider the size and look of your venue when planning your wedding day styling. The best styling works with your venue, rather than against it. Look for colours that compliment the venue decor, whilst putting your stamp on the day. Alternatively, your venue may be a blank space giving you full control over the look and feel of your day.

Your style

Pick a style that reflects you and your partner! The best way to do this and put together some Pinterest boards of wedding styling you like and pinning down what draws you to it, Is it the colour, style, venue, etc.


If you don’t like the default furniture offered by the venue, you can always look at hiring chairs, tables, crockery or glassware that work for your vision better. Not all venues can accommodate this, so be sure to speak with your venue before booking anything.

Table Styling

Your tables are a perfect place to get creative, letting your imagination run. From candles to florals, to linens, let your chosen colour palette or style/theme inspire you. Additionally, consider having fun with your seating plan, carrying through your theme from the tables.

Seek Help

If you are not sure where to start, we have some wonderful local suppliers to help you out. Keep reading for some great tips from some!

Ellis Elite Events

Ellis Elite Events are a small family business that just loves to be around the happiness and love that comes from planning a wedding. Their business expands every year, with them aspiring to create the perfect venue décor. Ellis Elite Events have a wide range of products and services that they review and improve all the time. Starting with a set of LOVE letters that can be set to any colour, they can wow your guests with their DMX feature allowing the lights to change colour to the beat of the music! They also offer absolutely breathtaking flower trees, elegant flower walls, centrepieces and so much more.


When it comes to styling your venue we all want to make our vision come to life but a lot of this is going to be governed by the budget we have, unfortunately, we don’t all have a bank balance like Kim Kardashian. So a great tip is to try and get your venue styling with one supplier, the more you book with them the more you could save. It’s always worth asking if your preferred supplier offers packages that provide an opportunity to save. Also, don’t be afraid to shop around, there are lots of amazing companies in the wedding industry who are more than happy to help and advise on making your wedding daydream come true.


When styling your wedding venue try to avoid themes and instead select a colour palette, this will help to keep your venue décor elegant, rather than over the top or cluttered. Creating a mood board is a great way to test colours and ideas, also looking at previous weddings in your venue will help you see what works best in your space.

Where to start with venue styling_engageweddings.co.uk_Ellis Elite EventsStyling: Ellis Elite Events

Styling: Ellis Elite Events

Pink Peony Weddings

Pink Peony Weddings strongly believe that every wedding should be personal and individual to you. From stationery through to venue styling, pink peony weddings can offer you the full package to create your dream wedding day. By choosing Pink Peony Weddings you can ensure that your whole day can be perfectly coordinated.


Don’t forget the finishing touches, I believe it’s what makes the wedding special and reflects your personality. Whether it be personalised signage, unique favours, fun entertainment, something special for the kids or a quirky reception drink these are the things your guests remember and show you have really thought about them. Choose these based on you as a couple rather than what you feel you “should” have and you can be sure you will have a beautiful and memorable wedding!

Where to start with venue styling_engageweddings.co.uk_Pink Peony WeddingsStyling: Pink Peony Weddings
Styling: Pink Peony Weddings
Styling: Rosa May Crafts

Styling: Rosa May Crafts

Rosa May Crafts

From alternative weddings to more romantic, traditional weddings, Rosa May Crafts is passionate about helping you create something unique for your wedding day. As a lover of anything colourful and bright, Nadia is your go-to for fun wedding decor.


1. Create your own candle, flower or plant holder container by using recycled mason jars. I collect glass scented candle holders. All my family friends collect their jars and candle holders, which I clean the leftover wax from, and the mason jars.

2. Use recycled bottles of varying shapes and sizes, hang them from the ceiling to create a floral arrangement. They can be hung individually or in groups – the rule of thumb is using uneven numbers – 3, 5, 7 etc. But it is your wedding, do what you think looks the best.

3. Instead of having bunting, use the macrame holder. Fill them with flowers, Cacti or candles. Most venues have hangings along the walls.

4. Shorten the hanging length and create bouquets. Use smaller bottles or mason jars with small openings, add your flowers, etc in the jar and bride, bridesmaid hold the macrame floral holder in their hand – (your hands take the place of where you would normally hang it up on a hook)

Let us know in the comments how you plan on decorating your venue!


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