What to remember when changing your name in the UK

Whilst you can change your name at any point, the most common time is after a wedding.
Perhaps you are taking your partners name, or you are both opting to double barrel. Either way, this may be the first time you have changed your name, so it can seem confusing to know where to start. So, let us help you with some of the basics that can help make changing your name a smooth decision.

Do I have to legally change my name?

Surprisingly, you technically do not, but it is advisable to do it through Deed Poll, as you may find yourself restricted to what you can and cannot update to your new name.

How much does it cost?

The cost of ‘enrolling’ your new name costs just £42.44 (however there may be additional charges for things such as Passports).

Can I start the process before my wedding?

Yes! Absolutely, as you can change your name at any point throughout your life you are not restricted to the date of your wedding day.

What about my honeymoon?

When it comes to your passport you can either opt to continue using your passport until it expires and then update your name or pay for a renewal (currently £72.50) to get the name changed sooner. If you want to travel under your new name for your Honeymoon you must order a new passport within good time (usually 3-6 months) to ensure it arrives in time. Whatever you choose, make sure your airline tickets match your passport or you will not be allowed to fly!

What do I HAVE to update?

Your driving license is something that you absolutely have to update if changing your name. It costs nothing to fill out a D1 form, but you risk getting a £100 fine if you do not do it.

Make sure to update your name on the electoral register so that you can continue to vote in your local and national elections.

If you own any property a further update that you should prioritise is your name on the land registry, this costs nothing, although you can pay a solicitor to do this for you.

The name change checklist

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