What to expect from your Bridesmaid

Choosing your bridal party is one of the most exciting parts of your early wedding planning. Your bridal party will be the ones to help you throughout the planning process and be there by your side to help you celebrate your wedding day. If you are not sure what is acceptable to expect from your bridal party, fear not, we have put together some top tips to help you navigate.

Things you should communicate

There are a few things you should communicate with your bridal party as soon as possible in the planning journey. Mentioning these early on can also help your potential bridesmaids decide whether or not they can commit to the role.


Make sure you discuss a rough budget, including what you may need your bridal party to pay for. Are you expecting them to pay for their dress or pay towards their hair and makeup? If you would like your bridal party to pay for their dress, they may want a larger input in the colour, style, etc.


Be upfront with what you expect from your bridesmaids. Will they need to attend every appointment? Will there be multiple events, including any expensive hen parties? How much will they need to do on the day? It may be a case of delegating depending on the different organisational skills of them individually.

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What to expect from your bridesmaids

Every wedding is different, so there will never be one list of what to expect from your bridesmaids. However, we have picked out some of the more common requirements. It’s a good idea to broach these topics when you can to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Attend appointments

Let your bridal party know what appointments you would like them to attend with you. From one to all your dress shopping appointments to venue visits, be upfront on how much time you would like your bridesmaids to set aside for your planning.


Your bridesmaids should be people you trust, so don’t underestimate their ability to give you honest opinions on anything from dress styles to napkin colours.

Emotional support

Do you need to let off a little steam? Grab your bridal party, a bottle of wine and make a night of it! It might be that you want a distraction from wedding planning, or you may even want to plan with your friends.

Hen party planning and attending

Whilst your maid of honour will usually take control of the hen party planning, it’s always worth checking if they are comfortable doing it/if they have time. Additionally, speak with your bridal party about the hen party expectations. If it is something abroad, you may find not everyone can attend, but perhaps you can arrange a second more local party to celebrate with those that couldn’t make it.

On the day

On your wedding day, your bridal party will be worth their weight in gold. Let them know what you would expect. Do you want them to encourage everyone onto the dance floor by being the first to bust some moves? Would you like them to mingle with all the guests to ensure everyone is having a good time? Do you just need them to keep an eye on the day timings or liaise with your suppliers?

Things not to ask of your bridal party

Any change to their appearance

As a rule, any permanent/semi-permanent alterations to your bridal parties appearance is not ok. Low-level alterations can be requested, such as removing piercings, painting nails or getting a spray tan.

Any massive monetary expectations

Your wedding day is something you expect to spend a lot of money on, but that isn’t the same for your bridal party. Make sure not to lose sight of this amid the planning excitement.

Intense pressure/demands

It is entirely acceptable to ask your bridal party to provide some emotional support during your wedding planning process. However, it would be best to consider whether you are creating a lot of stress for your chosen bridesmaids.


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