What is the point of a wedding rehearsal?

As your big day approaches, a wedding rehearsal can be an essential part of your wedding planning process. It helps to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your big day and provides an opportunity to iron out any potential issues beforehand.

What is a wedding rehearsal?

A wedding rehearsal takes place a few days before the wedding (or even the day before), and it is a complete practice run of your wedding ceremony in your venue!

Who attends a rehearsal?

Anyone who has a role in your wedding ceremony, such as your bridal party, anyone who will walk down the aisle, make a reading, and the celebrant/officiant involved. If you have a wedding planner, it’s also advisable to have them attend your rehearsal to make sure it runs smoothly, and they know how it will look on the day.

How long does it take?

A wedding rehearsal is usually slotted to last up to an hour, it is unlikely you will need an hour, but it is great to have the buffer, especially if practicing with children, animals, or readings.

Do I need to have a dress code?

No, rehearsals are usually carried out in casual clothing, however, this might be the perfect time to wear your shoes to get used to them! If you are planning on having a rehearsal dinner after you may wish to ask your guests to wear something semi-formal though.

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Do I NEED a wedding rehearsal?

Whilst a wedding rehearsal isn’t a necessity for a lot of couples, it does allow you, and your wedding party to test timings. From knowing when to walk, where to walk, and where to sit/stand, on-the-day nerves can be awful for guests with anxiety. Having a wedding rehearsal allows them to feel confident on the day, and gives everyone the chance to ask any questions they may have before the big day.

Will YOU be having a wedding rehearsal?


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