What is a wedding community vow of support?

Are you looking for a way to include your friends and family in your wedding ceremony? Celebrant, Mary from The Celebrant Angel has joined us today to share a fabulous way to include all your guests with your ceremony!

I believe that marriage needs the love and support of a community. As such, I love to find ways to include your friends and family in your wedding ceremony. This is where a Wedding Community Vow of Support is the perfect thing to introduce to your ceremony. The Community Vow asks your guests to be part of your ceremony with you, offering a vow of support back to you!

The Community Vow of Support

When I’m carrying out a ceremony, I can always see and feel the love your guests feel for you, so wouldn’t it be wonderful to invite them to show their support by making a vow to you both? Imagine hearing a resounding YES or We Will echoing back during your ceremony. There are a couple of different ways to make a Wedding Community Vow of Support, which can all help strengthen your vows. To help you choose which Community Vow would suit your wedding best, including where it would take place, keep scrolling.

An Intimate Wedding Community Vow

If you are planning a small intimate wedding, you can invite your guests to bring an individual promise or vow. You will then ask each guest to stand and recite it back to you one at a time. This can take a while to get through everyone, so it is perfect for a smaller wedding.

A Larger Wedding Community Vow

A group vow is likely the best option if you plan a larger wedding, such as a communal vow! Some great examples of a communal vow are below. However, just like your vows, these can be amended and tweaked to whatever suits you as a couple. 

Ladies & Gentlemen, A and B have demonstrated their belief in their love and their desire to live together in marriage in your presence today. If you also believe in their love and you wish to add your blessing to their marriage today, please respond now by saying, we do.

Family and Friends, now that you have heard A and B recite their vows, do you, their family and friends, promise, from this day forward, to encourage them and love them. To give them your guidance, and to support them in being steadfast in the promises that they have made? 

If yes, please say, “We do.”

You can always task a member of your wedding party with finding the perfect words to be used during a Wedding Community Vow of Support and to be there to help with any questions.

Want to know more?

If a Wedding Community Vow of Support interests you, reach out to Mary to find out more! Community Vows can be easily built into your ceremony in any way you choose, creating a truly perfect day for you.

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