Top 3 wedding day fears and how to overcome them!

Top 3 wedding day fears and how to overcome them

Planning a wedding takes a lot of work and when you have never done it before the unknown can be daunting. There are times when it can certainly feel overwhelming and more scary than exciting but it shouldn’t be this way! Today Rachel from Veiled Productions is talking about her couples top 3  wedding day fears and how you can take action to overcome them!

Fear 1: What if there isn’t enough time to see everyone?

what if there isn't enough time to see everyone on my wedding day?

You’ll be surprised how often we have heard guests saying goodbye to the couple and they say “Oh no I’ve barely seen you!”. The day goes by in a flash so here are some things to consider when planning your schedule.

Consider the time of the ceremony

If you’re having a church wedding ceremony they are usually between 45 minutes and 90 minutes depending on the faith, and whether you’re having hymns, readings etc. Once you factor in transport time to your chosen reception venue, it could be a couple of hours before the reception begins. The time of the ceremony will have a big impact on how long you will have to chat to your guests. If you get married at 12 the reception is likely to start at 2 but if you get married at 2 the reception isn’t likely to start until 4.

Talk to your venue and caterers

A three course sit down wedding breakfast will take longer to serve than a buffet. Chat to your venue and caterers about the best options for you. If chatting to everyone is really important to you consider creative ways you could chat to every table. One idea we really liked was when the couple moved to a different table between each course and each speech.

Be aware of the time of year

This may sound odd but we find the dancing and the evening reception often starts much later around the summer solstice than later in the summer or during winter when it gets darker earlier. There are 2 ways to look at this – if you want to start dancing as early as possible then consider a spring, autumn or winter wedding. If you want to enjoy the late light, chat to your guests and party later then a summer wedding is ideal.

Fear 2: What if the weather is awful and we can’t go outside for our photographs?

what if it rains on our wedding day veiled productions cambridgeshire

In the UK the weather is totally unpredictable and we can completely understand the worry. However, in our experience, if you embrace it you can still get absolutely incredible images. Photos in the rain with an umbrella can look beautiful, romantic and fun.

Prepare for rain

Buy a cute umbrella and some funky wellington boots. We promise your photographer and videographer will have some really creative ideas to get some wow factor images. All our equipment is weatherproof so come rain or shine we will capture all the fun moments of your day without any worry.

Choose a venue carefully

Is there space both outside and inside for group photographs and couple portraits? Chat to your photographer and videographer ahead of the day and decide where you will take the photographs, whatever the weather.

Have an engagement shoot

We love engagement shoots as it’s a great practice for the wedding day. You can choose where you would like it to be and it can be rescheduled if the weather is awful, unlike your wedding day. Not sure if you should have an engagement shoot? Have a read of this article to help you make your decision: ‘Should I have an engagement photo shoot’.


Fear 3: We REALLY want our guests have a good time.. what if they don’t?

will our guests have fun at out wedding veiled productions cambridgeshire

Don’t let your wedding day fears take over, there are so many ways to help your guests have a good time. We love capturing the fun and seeing you and your guests having the best time. Here are some entertainment ideas we’ve seen that guarantee lots of fun.

Book a Photo-booth

We love everything about a photo-booth – the props, the silly faces and the laughter once everyone sees the photo! Kids and adults all love it and the photos are great to take home to treasure the memories. There are all kinds of booths available – magic mirrors, vw camper van booths, we’ve even seen a Doctor Who tardis booth! These are guaranteed fun for all your guests and make for such fun video footage of the evening reception. Still need to book a booth? Contact BlueMark entertainment in Hertfordshire for some great, fun and reliable options.


A magician can really wow your guests and, like the photo-booth, is great for both adults and kids. In the past a magician has entertained the kids during the speeches and wowed the adults during the afternoon. Watching how amazed guests are at all the different tricks will definitely entertain! Local Bedfordshire magician Steve Dean recently wrote a great article ‘Should I have a magician on my wedding day’ to help answer all of your questions.

Song requests

We’ve seen some great wedding invitations that includes song requests to be sent back with the RSVP. We love this idea as it means you can request songs to your DJ or band ahead of the day and your guests will love it!


Choosing a great DJ or band will guarantee some great dancing. We highly recommend meeting with your chosen DJ or band so that you can ask lots of questions. Make sure they play the type of music you like, they take requests and how long their set will be. Remember to consider the schedule of the day and time of year too – your DJ or band are bound to have great advice. If you are still searching for your perfect DJ check out award winning Hertfordshire DJ’s JN sounds – they really know how to get your party going.

So there we have it – 3 wedding day fears busted, don’t let your fears take over, your wedding day is the best day of your life and you need to enjoy it! Plan well, and on the day – forget the logistics and have a great time!

Thanks Rachel for your top tips – so much practical advice. Do you have a wedding day fear that we haven’t covered? Let us know in the comments below so that we can help you. If you are still looking for your wedding videographer then take a look over at Rachel’s site Veiled Productions – a video is the best way to capture all of the fun so you can remember it forever.

Written by Rachel Vine – Owner of Veiled Productions

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