Wedding Reading Inspiration: I saw two clouds at morning

If you’re looking for some wedding reading inspiration, look no further than the poem “I saw two clouds at morning” by John Gardiner Brainard. This beautiful and romantic poem captures the essence of true love and is sure to touch the hearts of everyone in attendance.

I saw two clouds at morning by John Gardiner Brainard

I saw two clouds at morning,
Tinged by the rising sun,
And in the dawn they floated on,
And mingled into one;
I thought that morning cloud was blest,
It moved so sweetly to the west.

I saw two summer currents
Flow smoothly to their meeting,
And join their course, with silent force,
In peace each other greeting;
Calm was their course through banks of green,
While dimpling eddies played between.

Such be your gentle motion,
Till life’s last pulse shall beat;
Like summer’s beam, and summer’s stream,
Float on, in joy, to meet
A calmer sea, where storms shall cease,
A purer sky, where all is peace.

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