Wedding Reading Inspiration: Beau Taplin

Internationally recognised author and social media sensation, Beau Taplin turned his passions to poetry and prose following success as a songwriter. With the philosophy make it meaningful, Beau captures the beauty of love and life together in his short poems. Check out more on his Instagram, or through his published works.


I would choose
a handful of moments
with you
over a lifetime
with anyone else.


Finding you
was like drawing the curtains
on a spring morning day;
a breath of light
and new beginnings,
as though the world itself
had been remade.

Anywhere, Anytime

Falling for a person isn’t a process.
You can’t plan for it in advance
or anticipate its arrival.
Love strikes in single moments.
Anywhere, anytime.
One day, you catch a glimpse of them
gardening in the sun
or singing tunelessly in the shower,
and you think to yourself,
“Oh, I could spend all my life with you.”

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