Wedding photography basics

Congrats on your engagement! One of the first suppliers you will book along with your venue is often your perfect photographer, the person who will capture the day for you to frame and reminisce over for years. Over the years, we have had some excellent advice from some fantastic wedding photographers which we know can help you with your wedding planning. To ensure you haven’t missed a single tip, we have grouped them into one bumper list.

Photo Credits: Wani Olatunde Photography

Different types of photographers

Did you know there are multiple types of wedding photography styles? We spoke to some wedding photographers across Herts, Beds and Bucks to get to grips with what photographer styles there are and which could be the right fit for you and your wedding day!

Wedding photography styles at a glance

Tips when booking your photographer

Planning a wedding leaves a lot to think about, organise, and plan. So what should you bear in mind when booking your photographer? Gareth Jones Photography joined us to share four tips before and after booking your photographer!

4 top tips when booking your photographer

Questions to ask your photographer

What do you need to ensure you ask your photographer when booking your top choice? Planning can be overwhelming, meaning you could forget something you meant to ask. For those top questions, we asked Emma at Purple Rose Photography and Denise at Angels with Dirty Faces Photography to share what they want to be asked.

6 questions to ask when looking for a wedding photographer

10 questions you NEED to ask your photographer

Fun wedding photos

If you are looking to capture some enjoyable photos on your wedding day that are perfect for framing Katrina Matthews has five great ideas you should ask your photographer for!

5 fun wedding photography ideas

Magzaine worthy photos

Whilst not everyone can afford a celebrity wedding, Wani Olatunde Photography knows how you can capture some stunning photos that can rival those magazine photos on your dream board.

6 tips to make your wedding day photos magazine worthy

Group photos made easy

It can be a serious task getting everyone together for a photo on your wedding day, let alone working out how to pose for the shot! To avoid everyone looking awkward, it can often be an excellent idea for your photographer to suggest group poses. Denise from Angels with Dirty Faces Photography and Wani from Wani Olatunde Photography have some fabulous suggestions for grouping your wedding party.

8 ways to make your wedding group photos easy
10 easy group shot poses for your wedding day


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