Wedding Dress Shopping – Finding your people

Love & Loved is a relaxed and modern bridal boutique in the Buckinghamshire area that puts sustainability at the heart of what they do! With over 15 years retail experience Vicky is certainly a dab hand at helping brides find their perfect wedding outfit. Today she joins us to help you know where to start on your journey.

Why it’s important to find your people when it comes to your wedding dress shopping experience?  

I have met so many brides in the short time since I launched my wedding dress shop who feel like they don’t fit the bridal box. Conscious of whether they will suit conventional wedding dresses, un-inspired by hours of endless scrolling, many are overwhelmed with no idea of where to start or already burnt out by previous bridal shopping experiences. So many brides are yearning for a less conventional bridal look, something more relaxed, less expected or simply a twist on mainstream gowns they have seen people before them marry in. Many of my brides want their wedding day style to reflect them and that is why our mantra is to “be your kind of bride”. In order to do that you need to find your people. Whether it is dress shopping, finding the perfect photographer, or selecting a venue that suits your vibe, make choices based on what represents you as a couple and choose those that can incorporate personal touches.  You will only have the wedding you want if you work with suppliers that understand you, whose work reflects your values and incorporates your style.  

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…make choices based on what represents you as a couple…

When it comes to wedding dress shopping finding the right bridal boutique will determine if you say yay or nay to your dream dress. 

My first top tip would be to do your research. Don’t just pick the nearest boutique or the one that your mum’s neighbour recommended. Search for a wedding dress shop that gives you instant feels. You might get the sense that they are inclusive, you resonate with their values or the feel you get from the interiors of the place speaks to you. Does it give you warm, welcoming and relaxed vibes or does it make you feel like you don’t belong?  If you get those tummy flips for all the wrong reasons then it’s not your place.  

Check out which designers they stock, are they creating wedding dresses and bridal wear that appeals to you? And here’s my next top tip. Don’t be afraid to travel to the right place for the right vibe and for the right designers. It might seem like it’s a faff and you might be reluctant to drag your tribe further afield but trust me it will be worth it, so long as you have done your research first! If the style of the place and the designers they stock are floating your boat, that’s a really great place to start. Remember, finding your people will make the experience so much more enjoyable. 

Image by e&w couture. Mabli & Fflur available at Love & Loved

…make choices based on what represents you as a couple…

If you’re really unsure about your bridal style, a top tip I tell my brides is to shop your wardrobe. Are there any styles that consistently pop up, a particular neckline you seem drawn to or a go-to silhouette? Bridal is for everyone, you dress yourself everyday and your wedding day is no different. Your dream wedding day look is out there, you just need to find your people. Remember, you don’t have to fit that box, if a dress really isn’t your vibe, consider a skirt and top, trousers or a jumpsuit. Once you have narrowed down your vision you can hunt out the right designers and dress shops. Pinterest is a  great inspirational research tool and find Instagram accounts that align with your style.  

Once you have found your ideal wedding dress shop I recommend you speak to the person who will conduct your appointment beforehand. I personally speak with all my brides before their appointment. It’s a great way for me to learn more about their wedding, their bridal style, and for them it’s a brilliant opportunity to ask questions or raise any concerns. In one short conversation, your stylist can make you feel at ease and excited for your visit. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Those calls are invaluable for getting you ready to have the best experience. No question is off limits, ask them about the sample sizes they stock if this is worrying you and don’t hide from the topic of budget. It’s important to know that what you try on is what you can afford to save time and disappointment. Ask for their advice on what to wear and what to bring. Each boutique (Check out our boutique) might have their own requirements so it’s great to know upfront what those are. If ethics and sustainability is important to you ask them about their sustainability policy. This call is your last touch point to make sure you have found your people, the connection you feel will determine the success of the visit. 

So, with your sense of style defined, you have researched the designers that suit your aesthetic, and found a wedding dress shop that gives you immediate feels – you are ready to embark on a magical experience that will have been worth all the effort!  

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