Top Reasons You Should Say ‘I Do’ To Wedding Directories

Top Reasons You Should Say ‘I Do’ To Wedding

If you’re newly engaged, one of the most exciting parts of preparing for your wedding is planning it. But with a full-time job, if you want to have a life then organising your big day can be more of a chore than a fun and enjoyable experience.

Today, we are teaming up with WeddingSuppliers to share our insight on why you should consider saying ‘I Do’ to a wedding directory to help plan for your dream wedding.


Cut corners, not quality 

Weddings are expensive. For most, this means a tight budget tracked through a comprehensive spreadsheet. But you can cut some corners that will save you time, stress and money without sacrificing on quality. 

If you’re looking for ‘the one’ when it comes to bridal stores, wedding bands and venue decor suppliers, you might think there’s no avoiding the pretty penny it’ll cost you. But, the price tag doesn’t always determine the quality of product or service. Sure, those charging a premium usually do so for a reason, but there’s a way you can find the best suppliers for you while keeping costs to a minimum: wedding directories.

Searching for your cake maker, photographer and videographer through a reputable wedding directory will provide you with an all-in-one list of the accredited and certified suppliers in your area.

Photo Credit:  FJS Photography

Photo Credit: FJS Photography


The cream of the crop

Every soon to be bride and groom wants the best for their wedding day, and often this can mean time-consuming research and meetings to ensure that prospective contractors are who they say they are. With a million and one things to do to make your big day the best it can be, giving the seal of approval to every single supplier takes time. 

Wedding directories do the background checks for you. Every recognised wedding directory takes the time to check who the suppliers requesting to be registered on their directory are, so you can rest assured that your searches are only bringing up the cream of the crop, from florists to venues. 

Photo Credit:  Stephen Swain

Photo Credit: Stephen Swain


Wedding planning, on the go

Planning your dream day doesn’t happen overnight. Whether you’re having a small celebration or a full-blown white wedding, there’s a lot of calls, emails and general liaising that need to happen for everything to go to plan when the day finally rolls around.

If you’re at work during the week then replying to emails, taking calls and finding suppliers isn’t always possible. More often than not, this means newly engaged couples spend countless evenings and weekends organising meetings and viewings.

The best wedding directories on the market have accompanying mobile apps that make planning your wedding a breeze. From searching for the best wedding cake makers in your area to booking a trial with a local makeup artist, directory apps allow you to do it all on the go, wherever you are. 


So, if you’re newly engaged, firstly congratulations! Planning a wedding is exciting and fun, honest!
Secondly, if you want to keep stress to a minimum throughout the entire planning process, why not consider using a wedding directory to help create your dream day? Whether you’re struggling to locate a photobooth company or want to use a trustworthy name to find every supplier for ultimate piece of mind, a wedding directory might be an option for you.


Thank you to WeddingSuppliers for joining us for this special post today, We hope that we can help you with finding the right suppliers to plan your perfect wedding day!


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