Wedding Colour Schemes Moodboard. Pt 1

Welcome to the first part of our Wedding Colour Schemes Moodboard series! Choosing a colour scheme for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to planning your big day. Not only will it set the tone for your wedding, but it will also determine the decor, flowers, and attire.

Teal Green

Canva describes Teal Green as “Teal green is associated with fluid communication and clarity. It is serene, calming, and, like other green blue hues, associated with nature and water.”

Not only does Teal Green work fantastically alongside many other colours, but it compliments metallics extremely well! Sophisticated, warm, and full of luxury, Teal Green is a beautiful option for your wedding day.

Dark Purple

Canva describes Purple as “Purple has the balance of red’s stimulation and blue’s calming properties. It is traditionally associated with royalty, majesty, and nobility as well as having a spiritual or mysterious quality. Darker shades often represent luxury or opulence, while lighter shades are quite feminine, sentimental, and even nostalgic.”

Purple, particularly a dark shade work all year round as the main colour for your wedding scheme. From vibrant to dark and moody, you can set any tone through a pop of purple.


Canva describes Yellow as “The color of sunshine and sunflowers, yellow is optimistic, playful, and happy. It can also be associated with mental clarity and intellect. Bright yellow can be used as a pop of color for highlight or accent.” 

Mustard yellow teams wonderfully with a great range of colours for your wedding decor. Both navy and grey are staples to pair with mustard, however, combing it with natural foilage creates an expensive-looking scheme.

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