Wedding cake alternatives for every couple

Wedding cakes are often considered one of the main aspects of a wedding day, especially when you consider the list of photographs that are likely on your list – Hello cake cutting! So what if you are not a fan of cake? Do you go to the expense of one just for the photos? Or do you opt for a better alternative?
Kathryn Leigh of Kathryn Leigh Wedding offers wedding planning services at any point in your wedding planning journey, and has shared some great tips for choosing a wedding cake alternative!

To know there are people out there that don’t like cake really baffles me. I know they exist because my auntie has never liked cake, of any kind. I am a huge fan of cake, all flavours, sizes, and frosting – the more the merrier in my book. I can’t think of a cake flavour that I don’t like!

I am sure if you’re at the start of your wedding planning journey you’ve searched on Pinterest and google for wedding ideas. Cakes tend to come up quite quickly, but what do you do if you’re just not into cake? Just because your parents, siblings and friends had cake at their wedding doesn’t mean that you ‘SHOULD‘. If cake isn’t your thing, have a chat about it with your partner, and choose something else.

Oh, and whilst we are talking about it, let me tell you that not everything has to come in a traditional three-tier style when it comes to your ‘cake’ alternative. You can still get incredible photos! Most options below can even come with their own version of a ‘cake cutting’ if you wanted to get that traditional shot as part of your photography list.

Savoury alternatives:

Cheese towers – complete with biscuits, chutneys and fruit

Pork Pie tower

Other sweet options:

Brownie/Blondie stacks

Macaroon towers



Mini desserts

Donuts Croquembouche

Cookies / Biscuits

Ferrero Rocher

Meringue bites

What about going all out and having a dessert table with a selection of sweet options for people to nibble? Or a sweet cart or table (they’re not just for kids!)?

Or if you’re a couple that’s more into a boozy celebration go for something totally different and throw a cocktail hour early into the evening reception.

There are so many alternative options out there, make your wedding your own and choose something that’s your style!

Happy Planning 🙂 x

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