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Rachel and Pete are the local talents behind Veiled Productions. They are a great pair that cover both your photography and videography needs for the big day. Rachel gives us insight to why its best to book both your photographer and videographer together and tells you a bit about how they like to provide you, their local brides and grooms, a high end professional service that is as natural as your love for one another. 

Thank you to Becca for sharing our thoughts on the blog. I’m Rachel, one half of Veiled Productions…the video half and my partner Pete is the photography half! There are many benefits of booking your wedding photography and videography package with the same company, for both the couple and the supplier from saving some pennies to good communication!

The photography and videography will likely have a similar style

If you book with the same company, it is likely that the photography and videography will have a similar style to each other, so the photos and videos won’t look completely different to each other when you receive the edited products. We describe our style as very natural, documenting the day from the view of a guest. As a result we don’t do many posed photographs (apart from some formal group ones at the couples request) and I will very rarely ask for anything specific from a couple for the videos, apart from perhaps a kiss or a shot of the rings! We like to capture the fun moments and as a result our films and photographs aren’t so traditional. Emma and James explained to us that they are quite camera shy and therefore wanted more natural photographs and films of their day so our style suited them really well. Other companies will do more traditional photography and videography, either way you can be reassured that the look and feel of both you photos and videos will be similar.

The photographer and videographer will work well together

Talking from experience, a photographer and videographer who often work together will know how each other tick and can help each other out. Good communication with each other on the day will mean the day will run smoothly and ensure we don’t get in the way of each other during those key moments. This extends to organising and setting up on the day too – Pete hasn’t got the loudest voice to help organise formal photographs so whilst he is getting into position I will help find the groups of people with an usher or bridesmaid so the formal photographs are done as quickly as possible which leaves more time for you to spend with your guests. In the same way, if lights are needed during the first dance, Pete will help me set them up so that it’s done quicker and we spend more time capturing the natural moments during the reception.

You can get to know us at the same time

We know how crazy wedding planning can be so if you book both photography and videography from the same company you can get to know the suppliers at the same time, one less meeting to have! We always suggest meeting couples before the wedding – we can hear your plans and show you our portfolio and albums. Meeting both together saves time and means you can ask questions about both photography and videography so that everyone is on the same page. We offer an engagement photoshoot for free as well so that you can really get to know us and our style and we often do this at the same time as the initial meeting – we think it’s really important to have a good relationship with each couple before their wedding day so that everything goes smoothly and help settle any nerves you might have.

It may save you some pennies!

Often companies have savings if you book more than one service with them. We offer a discount if couples book both because we will save money on fuel (because we will travel together) and the memory stick and case the films and photographs will be delivered on (because we will only need to supply one)…we think it is only fair to pass those savings on to our couples.

Treasure the memories

Okay, so we know we are biased but we think the photos and videos are one of the most important parts of a wedding day…except perhaps the rings and the couple of course! We always say the wedding day is most intense for the couple…how often do you have 100 of your closest family and friends altogether? The day will fly by so having the photos and videos to treasure those memories and show family and friends who may not have been there is so, so important! Booking both photography and video will mean every moment is captured…we promise you won’t regret it but don’t just take our word for it! There are many blog posts written about wedding day regrets and not having a video often crops up. Alice and Dan almost didn’t have a wedding video but decided to go for it and they haven’t regretted changing their mind!

                “Rachel and Pete were wonderful on our big day. They were on time, well dressed and good humoured throughout. They were always there when we needed them but never in the way.

And the final result – beautiful photographs and a video that brought us both to tears when we watched it for the first time – was more than we could have hoped for.

Veiled Productions is everything you could ask for in a photography/video company for weddings.” Daniel Pountney

Thank you Rachel for all your helpful insights. It really does make sense to have the videographer and photographer come from the same company. It sounds like it is much more seamless on the day and provides such a great product!

Veiled productions will be at our next Wedding Planning Party in Bedford. Come see them and many more local wedding suppliers put on an amazing party for you while you wedding plan. See them in action, ask questions and enjoy a glass of bubbly while you plan your big day.

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