Unique Wedding Invitations that Pop Out – Literally!

Fully bespoke services are essential for couples looking to plan their wedding, and for good reason. Weddings are very personal to the couple, and it is for this reason they would want to look into services that can make not only their wedding day special but also everything else that comes before and after it. This includes the wedding stationery and invitations, which are the guests’ first glimpse of your personality together as a couple and also a way to give them a ‘taster’ of the wedding celebration to come which they can look forward to. Let’s take a look at fully bespoke wedding stationery/invitation services by Pop Up Occasions UK  and why you need them.

Why look at fully bespoke wedding stationery/invitations?

The first thing to understand is that there are a range of different personalised services that you may be able to access for your wedding stationery and invitations. These services can benefit you differently, depending on your budget and how much customisation you would like. Even if you have a tight budget, you should still consider incorporating your personalities as a couple in the invitation, be it through the artwork or your chosen wedding theme. Those looking for even more unique wedding invitations might want to look into pop up wedding invitations which are starting to become more and more popular with couples.

The couples that come to Pop Up Occasions UK for help with their pop up wedding invitations are usually looking for unique invites that their guests can instantly identify them with and build up that excitement for the big day! If you are looking for traditional wedding invites, then our services are not for you. However, if you want more engaging, out-of-the-ordinary wedding invites to impress your guests, then it’s worth checking us out.

Monte Castelo

What makes pop up wedding invites stand out?

Pop up wedding invitations are truly unique as they stand out (literally, pop out!) because they are just so different from the traditional flat wedding invitations. Also, not many people are aware, but pop up wedding invitations can be very versatile to fit any theme. You can make a stunning building or wedding venue pop up or set a romantic setting using various pop-up elements. Be it elegant or quirky, there is bound to be a pop up invite that can be made for this. Of course, the beauty of such a novel invite is also that it can be a keepsake in itself to be appreciated for years and years to come. We have some amazing pop-up wedding invitations that you can use as inspiration for your own.

Pop Up Silhouette

Many of the couples we’ve worked with wanted to convert their wedding venues into a pop-up card, making it one of our most popular invites. Couples give us a photo of their venue, and we work our magic to convert these into a pop-up structure. Here are a few of the popular UK wedding venues we’ve converted into a pop-up card.

Ashridge House
Waddesdon Manor
Blenheim Palace

Tri-fold Invites

Some couples need more space in their invites and opt for a tri-fold design. This couple had their beach wedding made into a pop up invite with a pop-up couple and a pop-up boat at the bottom, which their guests can pull out to reveal more information about cocktails etc.

Beach and Garden Wedding

Beach and garden weddings are also quite popular. We’ve had many couples request beach and garden-themed pop up invites like these.

3D Invites

Some couples really push for completely out-of-the-ordinary invites, and request 3D invites. We have had a couple who wanted to make a 3D camper van with all details of their wedding on it. Another couple opted to have a 3D shoe made as it was sentimental to their relationship. Even more unique, once we made a film invite for one of the couples. You needed to unroll the film to see the wedding entourage and details!

Pop Up Theme Settings

Some couples prefer to have a design that portrays a setting or perhaps reflects their wedding theme, such as this one set with cherry blossoms in the background and a couple on the bridge.

Other designs

There are so many other designs you can have. Having a pop-up invite doesn’t mean it cannot be elegant. We have cards with pop-up silhouette layers creating a sleek invite, and other designs add foil stamping for added effect.

Is it hard to find pop up wedding invitation providers?

Not at all! Many small businesses are now starting to offer pop up wedding invitations. However, not many offer a fully bespoke service for the actual pop up elements.

Our advice is to work out what you are looking for, which will help narrow down the search. Have a look for small businesses in your area or somewhat local to you. If you need to send an image to them to re-create, it might be a good idea to have that ready to send initially. That way, you can check if this is something they can incorporate or work with. Additionally, make sure to find a business that will communicate well with you and provide you with progress on your order.

Pop Up Occasions UK takes time to get to know the couple more to be able to better give suggestions on how they might Pop Up Occasions UK takes time to get to know their couples to give better suggestions on how they might want their pop up wedding invites to come out. Mockups are created, and photos are sent throughout the whole process to ensure your invite is correct. Additionally, Pop Up Occasions UK’s mission is to make this fully bespoke service as affordable as possible. With a small production, it is easy for each card to be customised – for instance, if you would like each invite to have your guest names printed. Furthermore, this means there isn’t a high minimum order quantity even with unique and highly customised designs, which most printers or card companies require.

There are also other extras There are other extras that you can incorporate to pop up invitations, such as foil stamping, custom cut-outs, invite sleeves or additional pockets for extra inserts you may need, and many more! To find out more about these extras and get a free quote on your very own pop-up wedding invite, contact Pop Up Occasions UK now! 


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