Top 7 etiquette tips for wedding guests

Social customs are always changing, including those that are considered firm etiquette rules when it comes to weddings. However, whilst some are now often ignored (who sits on which side of the ceremony), these have been replaced with new etiquette expectations, especially surrounding mobile phones. To help navigate your do’s and don’ts as a guest, we have 7 tips to follow.

RSVP in good time

Your invite will have an RSVP date on it, be sure to respond before that date. The couple has selected that date to give themselves enough time to confirm exact numbers with the venue, caterers, and other suppliers. The last thing the couple wants to do is chase people for their RSVP during the wedding planning process.

Plus one etiquette

Don’t assume your invite includes a plus one/date, the couple will make it clear in your invite if it includes a plus one. If you have been given a plus one make sure to include their name on your RSVP so that it can be used on seating charts, etc. Your invite will also state whether or not children are invited to the wedding.

Arrive on time

The key to being a good wedding guest is arriving at the time indicated on your invitation. Any earlier than 10/15 minutes before the start could cause stress for the couple, whilst ten minutes late would be considered bad form. Under no circumstances should you be reaching out to the engaged couple on the morning of the wedding.

Clothing matters

It is well known that guests should not wear white at a wedding, and this is just as true today. Your invite should state if there is a dress code, if nothing is stated then assume formal attire and dress accordingly.

Gift etiquette

The couple should let you know early on if they have any specific requirements for their gifts, for instance, if they have lived together for some time, they are unlikely to need white goods. Perhaps they may ask for no gifts, donations to something close to their heart, or even money towards a big expense, such as their honeymoon, or a new home.

Put your phone away

When planning their wedding, the couple will have taken the time to select the perfect photographer (and/or videographer), who they trust to capture their wedding. Nothing can ruin these memories for the married couple quite like photos ruined by someone’s phone trying to capture a snap at the same time! Put your phone away until the end party, where you can feel free to take photos of everyone dancing.

Social media

Unless the couple specifies otherwise, it is considered poor wedding etiquette to share photos of the wedding, decor, or couple on your social media channels before the married couple has done the same.

What is your top wedding guest etiquette tip?


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