Tips for swiftly planning a wedding

tips for swiftly planning a

If you are looking to plan a wedding quickly you may worry it’s completely impossible to have the day you have dreamed it will be. However, this is far from the truth, as Denise from Angels with Dirty Faces is here to show you. With the following eight easy to follow tips, you are guaranteed to have a wedding to be proud of.


If you are limited for time when planning your wedding, being efficient is the most important place to start. You will need to give notice of marriage, meaning there will be legal bits that need to be carried out asap. In the UK you will need to do this at least 28 days before your date (check the time frame for your country). Registrars can be booked up very quickly, so contact them as soon as you have a date. If you cannot find a registrar with availability, don’t panic! Humanist and celebrant ceremonies are more and more popular, being a great option for your day (See our celebrants here).


The next most important step is to work out your budget between the two of you, and then stick to it! Knowing your budget will help you allocate funds to the more important aspects and suppliers of your wedding day, as this will differ from couple to couple. Usually, the most important suppliers tend to be the venue, catering and photography, but this will depend on what is important for you.

tips for swiftly planning a wedding_angels with dirty facestips for swiftly planning a wedding_angels with dirty faces


This may seem like an obvious tip, but working out your guest list should be done asap after your date has been set. To help with planning, set a fast RSVP, this will allow you to have a good idea of the numbers you need to cater for. Save the Dates are something you should definitely skip when planning a wedding in a short time span. By going straight to the invitations you will save money, and cut back on the response time. You can either pick up some off-the-shelf invitations or reach out to some talented stationery designers to see if they can accommodate a fast turnaround (see some great stationery designers here).

ask for HELP

Enlist help with your wedding planning to ensure it runs smoothly and nothing gets missed out, there’s nothing worse than the bride/groom to be suffering from planning stress running up to your wedding day. By reaching out to a wedding planner they will not only take some of the hard work away from you, but they will have some preferred suppliers to help you out.

tips for swiftly planning a wedding_angels with dirty faces

Photo Credits: Angels with Dirty Faces


Wedding suppliers usually get booked up months in advance, particularly in the summer months. One way to manage to snag the supplier you have in mind is to broaden your date options. Midweek weddings are a great option, and will often open up the availability of suppliers. When quickly planning a wedding you may not be able to meet in person with every supplier, so try to virtually meet as a minimum.

FLEXIBility is key

Don’t get stuck on the individual details! The best mindset with swiftly planning a wedding is to try to remain open and flexible. If you can’t get the supplier you had your heart set on, think outside the box on how you can still have a beautiful wedding day. Ask for floral suggestions if you can’t book your chosen florist, or consider a store-bought cake if you can’t find the perfect cake maker. Department stores hire talented makeup artists and are a great back up option for your wedding day.

tips for swiftly planning a wedding_angels with dirty facestips for swiftly planning a wedding_angels with dirty faces


Don’t get caught up worrying that you need a handmade wedding dress. There are some beautiful options on the high street, or perhaps a vintage dress might be perfect for you! Ordering online is fantastic for saving time as you can order multiple and try them on at home in your own time. If not, make an appointment with a dress shop and check out their vintage options.

 RELAXED vibes only

Ultimately, try to go with the flow! Wedding planning is stressful for most couples, regardless of the time frames. By trying to not let the small things stress you out, you can set yourself up for a relaxed experience. The important thing to remember is that you are marrying the person you love, surrounded by your favourite people, and that is all that matters!

tips for swiftly planning a wedding_angels with dirty facesPhoto Credits: Angels with Dirty Faces

Photo Credits: Angels with Dirty Faces

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tips for swiftly planning a wedding_angels with dirty faces


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