Tips for a Low-Key Wedding

If you want to capture the boho free-spirited wedding of Summer dreams, you don’t have to give this idea up if you have an Autumn or Winter date! Hosting a low-key wedding is perfect for couples that don’t want to be the centre of attention, are looking for a wedding on a budget, or don’t care much for a standard ‘wedding’ day.

Your Venue choice

It may sound shocking, but you don’t need to book a wedding venue for your wedding! Think about places that mean something to you and your partner, perhaps a local bar or coffee shop, your own back garden, or beyond. Whilst you will need to do the actual ceremony at a registry office, you can carry out your ‘ceremony’ wherever you want – you could even hire a celebrant for your unofficial ceremony. It may work out cheaper to hire the back room at your favourite coffee shop than a venue, giving you more budget for other areas.

Informal Dress Code

The best way to host a low-key wedding is by informing your guests to wear whatever makes them comfortable. It might be that you would prefer jeans and a t-shirt vibe, or even smart casual clothing. If you are opting for an informal outfit, your guests may feel uncomfortable if they out formal you!


A food truck, some family homemade food, or even some local canapes, your food choices can be as chill as you want them to be. There is no necessity to have a sitdown meal, or any meals at all – Buffet anyone? Think comfort food and you can’t go wrong.

Seating Choices

You may not have any options depending on which venue you book, however, if you have the option of choosing soft furnishings, mix-and-matching can be an easy decor choice to reflect your wedding day aesthetic.

Skip the florals

Perhaps something more natural and foliage leaning might match the look you are going for better or even some effort-free faux florals! Additionally, you could just skip the florals completely and deck your venue out with beautiful-smelling candles.

How will you be throwing a low-key wedding day?


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