The Six Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Shopping

Today we will share the six do’s and don’ts of finding your dream wedding dress. From trying on different styles to setting a budget, we’ve got you covered. Make your wedding dress shopping experience fun, positive, and stress-free with our expert tips. So, grab your shopping shoes and let’s find that perfect dress!

Do know your budget

Making sure you have a clear realistic understanding of your budget will help you narrow your wedding dress choices. Whilst we are not saying you can’t have fun with your wedding dress shopping, knowing your price range will mean any store assistants/designers will only show you those within your budget. This can take away any worry of falling in love with something out of your range or any temptation to push your budget further than you’ve already planned.

Do bring any inspiration with you

There are thousands of wedding dress styles out there which can be difficult to trim down if you have no idea what you want. Many people spend their first wedding dress appointment trying on anything and everything, which is a great way to work out what you want. However, if you already have a Pinterest board, wedding theme, colour scheme, etc, these can also assist in narrowing your choices. Have anything relevant available on your phone every time you go shopping to keep the overall cohesive look in mind.

Do give yourself enough time

Knowing when to start dress shopping can be hard to navigate. We would recommend waiting until after booking your wedding venue. The closer you get to your wedding day, the less time you will have if you need any alterations. Nine months before your wedding day seems to be the sweet spot to allow for any possible issues (check out our Wedding Planning timeline below).

Wedding Planning Timeline – When Should I Book What?

Don’t invite the wrong guests

Your chosen guests will impact the energy of every aspect of your wedding dress shopping. As the most important person during these appointments, you want your guests to understand this dynamic. Bringing a positive group of people, along with those you trust to be honest, without overpowering the day, will promise a fun experience. Don’t feel you need to invite particular people to meet traditional ideals.

Don’t forget your hair and makeup

Having a rough idea of how you want your hair and makeup on your wedding day will really help in knowing what styles to try on. For instance, if you are likely to have your hair up, it can open up dresses with a more embellished neckline that may get lost otherwise. Additionally, if you want to go all out with your hair and makeup look, you may want a more simplistic dress cut. An added element to consider is your shoe choices.

Don’t have a closed mind

Despite all our previous points, don’t be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone on occasion. A particular style that didn’t catch your eye may be perfect when you try it on! This is the time to have fun, let your guests offer some suggestions, or give the store assistant free rein for a wildcard dress that you will try. Most people only get married once, it’s a wonderful time to make some great memories.


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