The Practical Groom ‘to do’ list

The practical groom to do

We have covered the many things that need planning in the run up to your wedding, but what if you are a more practical, and less aesthetic person? To help you out, we have put together a great to do list to ensure you can be as involved as possible in the planning process.

The practical groom to do

The Guests

Collecting the address’s for your guest list and then sending out the invitations can be a time-consuming, yet important task. This is a great task to take off your partner’s hands, particularly if you prefer a more practical role. Taking control of the guests doesn’t just end at sending the invitations and/or save the dates, RSVP’s may need to be chased, and then information on food and numbers collated.

If you have out of town guests, you can help in arranging their accommodation, or booking taxi’s, as well as being the main contact point leading up to your big day. After your wedding day, complete the guest responsibilities and handle the thank you cards, as this is another time-consuming task.


The practical groom to do Credits:  Maria Assia Photography

Photo Credits: Maria Assia Photography


Take full responsibility for your groomsmen gifts, as well as having a hand in the mother/mother-in-law and father/father-in-law gifts. Once the gifts have been chosen, add sourcing and purchasing the gifts to your to do list, as well as any personalisation that may need doing. If you plan on giving flowers to members of your wedding party so make sure to order these beforehand if you want something in particular, then either collect them the morning of your wedding or delegate this to a trusted member of the wedding party.

The practical groom to do


Whilst a lot of suppliers require aesthetic choices, there are some that do not. Suppliers such as the photographer/videographer and entertainment can be narrowed down and even picked without any creative input from your side. You can then be the contact to liaise with some of the suppliers, taking the weight off your spouses’ shoulders.

On your wedding day take charge of paying any suppliers, especially if you need to have cash ready for them. Separate the payments into separate envelopes ready to go the night before to ensure a smoothly run day.


Checking in

The most important step is to keep communicating with your partner to make sure they are not overwhelmed with the wedding planning. Take on your fair share of the planning, and delegate where possible, particularly if your spouse is getting stressed.

The practical groom to do Credits: Maria Assia Photography
Photo Credits: Maria Assia Photography


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