The Basics of Wedding Insurance

If you’re planning a wedding in the UK, it’s important you don’t forget to purchase wedding insurance. To help delve into this, we have some tips to help you navigate the process!

What is Wedding Insurance?

If there’s one thing that came to light during 2020, it’s the importance of wedding insurance. Not only does wedding insurance cover you for on-the-day accidents, supplier issues, and attire protection, but it can also cover venue cancellations outside of your control. It may seem like an unwanted or even an unnecessary additional expense, especially with the rising costs of wedding days, but just like with other aspects of your life, it’s better to be protected and not need it than the alternative.

What is covered by Wedding Insurance?

Whilst policies will vary from company to company, it is a great idea to ascertain what you want or need covered with your insurance policy. To help start the conversation with your partner we have collected some examples of what might jump to the top of your list:

1. The Venue Closing or Cancelling your Booking

If your chosen venue cancels, closes its doors, or is hit with an issue that makes it not fit for purpose (i.e. your wedding day), this will be covered as cancellation cover.

2. Supplier Issues

If your supplier doesn’t provide the agreed service then you can claim it under your insurance. This includes the supplier not turning up, providing damaged goods, or not providing the service discussed and agreed to. To ensure you are covered for any eventuality make sure to have a written contract with your suppliers, and keep any receipts/proof of payments.

3. Extreme Weather

This is the kind of weather that closes your venue, or stops 50% of your guests from attending – think extreme storms.

4. Lost or Stolen Items

This will depend on the cover, and you must check the fine print to see what is included. For instance, your wedding rings will often be covered for at least 24 hours, but your engagement rings should be included in your home insurance.

Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance, or PLI, will not come as standard with wedding insurance policies and will need to be obtained separately. PLI covers any guest injuries, or guest damage, and must also be held by the venue AND your suppliers – so make sure to double-check all suppliers have a valid PLI.

Quickfire FAQ’s:

Does Wedding Insurance cover honeymoons?

Put simply, No. You will need to look into specific holiday insurance for your honeymoon.

How soon do I need to take out Wedding Insurance?

ASAP, the earlier the better. This will ensure you are covered for any and all eventualities, and worst-case scenarios.

How do I know what’s covered?

Read through the wording on your policy thoroughly to make sure you are covered for anything on your list, and so you are aware of any additional cover you may need.

Where shall I get Wedding Insurance from?

As with all insurance, it is always worth shopping around for the best policy (or using a comparison website to help). Wherever you decide to take out your policy, confirm that the company is FCA-Regulated so that you are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

* Please be aware that cover may vary between insurance providers.


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