Top Tips for a Sustainable Wedding

Top tips to make your Wedding

We all worry about making the right choices when planning a wedding, from the seating plan to the flowers. But, have you ever considered how sustainable your choices are? It is actually quite easy to make your wedding more Eco-friendly, even by making just one change!
Here are our tips for simple changes you can make with your wedding day planning.

The Venue

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When it comes to wedding venues, it’s a great idea to pick somewhere local to you. Not only does it make sense for visiting before the big day, but it makes your wedding day much simpler. If you have alot of out of town guests, choosing a venue with accommodation is also a good idea for cutting back on unnecessary travel.


Select a venue which hosts weddings regularly, this means that large items such as marques will likely be on location, again cutting back on large scale deliveries, and save yourself some money too!


Look for a venue that follows Eco-friendly practices. Question what they do with their recycling, and make sure they do not use single use plastic or create unnecessary waste, especially when it comes to food. Many places will now have strict rules on confetti to ensure it is safe for wildlife, and doesn’t generate waste. Flower or plant confetti are a great alternative. South Farm in Royston is a wonderful example of a venue that thinks long-term, with a nature reserve, garden and strict confetti rule, it is a great sustainable venue to consider!

The Food

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Lose the Meat

Consider having a meat-free, or low meat menu! Whilst this may upset some guests, it is your day and a great way to help the environment! Chefs will be able to make amazing meals without meat that will soon make your guests forget about their concerns.


It is always best to use local suppliers, especially with your food. Query where the food is sourced from, and choose a menu that uses local ingredients.


To help with using local ingredients, request a menu that uses seasonal fruit and veg only. This will ensure the food has not traveled far and will taste fantastic!

The Flowers

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As with your food, ensure that your flowers are grown in England and are in season. Your florist will be able to advise on what flowers will be in season and can recommend the perfect blooms. Bedfordshire based florist SA Floristry offers eco wedding packages which are foam free and include only British Flowers!
To find out more, see our post on British Flower Farming.


Consider using potted plants or succulents instead of cut flowers, not only will they look as beautiful but they will be longer lasting. Nothing will be nicer that reminiscing about your wedding whilst watering the still thriving plants years later!


Your flowers will likely still have life after your wedding day, if you will not make use of them why not give them away? Guests can take some away with them, or you can arrange to have them taken to a local hospital/care home to bring a smile to others! Another option is to preserve your flowers in one of the beautiful designs offered by Wallflower Design!

The Decor

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Use the Venue

Make use of the beautiful scenes the venue offers, why create an aesthetically pleasing background when it is likely all around you? A good photographer will notice great places to photograph you in!

Ask around

If you have a particular idea in mind, such as lots of candle lanterns, ask your friends and family first. Chances are you will be able to collect everything you need without needing to buy items you wont use again, as well as saving money, win-win!


If you cannot borrow items, hire them from a local company. It will take the stress away from you to have them be delivered and removed, as they are owned by a hire company they can be used again and again, which is much better for the environment. Creative Decorations of Bedfordshire offer beautiful biodegradable latex balloons to match your colour scheme! If you would like something fun, such as a glitter bar, Glamavan only supply eco friendly, biodegradable cosmetic glitter.

The Dress



Thousands of wedding dresses have been made prior to your wedding, why not source one? You will be sure to have something one of a kind, with a history and you can always have it altered to suit your style! See our tips from Cambridge Vintage Bridal here.


When it comes to the dress, suits and bridesmaid dresses, select something that you can and WILL re-wear! Why have a dress hidden away after one wear, when you can re-wear your outfit over and over? Not only is it better for the environment, but it will bring back happy memories very time you wear it.

Shop Smart

If you are buying a new dress, look for an ethical designer. Natural material choices, ethical labour costs and dresses being made to order can all help the environment by fighting against fast fashion.

The Table Details


Wedding favours can be fun and exciting for your guests! Consider using edible or reusable favours such as plants, seeds or jam!

Name Places

You can combine wedding favours with name places, such as a named biscuit! This will have the added bonus of being one less thing for you to worry about.


Running a quick search for centre pieces can show you a wealth of inspiration. Some of the most beautiful include things that will be useful, such as potted plants or treats for guests!

The Stationery

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Consider sending e-invites for your tech savvy guests including an online RSVP!


Use recycled paper for your invites, or better yet seed paper which can be used to grow plants after arrival. For seed paper stationary Wildflower Favours are a great place to start.

Place Cards

Use something edible or reusable for your place cards, guests will enjoy eating something with their name on it.

The Details


The Rings

Purchase Eco-friendly produced wedding rings, or even vintage ones! Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery based in Hitchin and Cambridge provides bespoke ethical rings without compromising on quality.


If you already live together, you probably have no requirement for any home wear. A wonderful thing to do is ask for charity donations in lei of traditional gifts.

Hair and MakeUp

Find a makeup artist that has cruelty free makeup, most brands pride themselves on being cruelty free so this shouldn’t be too hard to find. Additionally, hair guru’s such as Nicola Marshall of Bespoke Bridal Hair by Nicola Marshall have made the switch to cruelty free hair products!

Photography and Videography

Find yourself a photographer/videographer that share your sustainable ideals! Helen from H N Photography would never photograph sky lanterns, and always uses re-chargeable batteries where possible. Whilst Rachel from Veiled Productions uses sustainable energy, and packages her films in recycled packaging!

The Honeymoon

When deciding on a honeymoon location, local is always the most sustainable option! However, when choosing a location a little further away, Penny from Suitcase Travel can advise you on the best activities for both the animals involved, and the community as a whole.

Have you considered making any Sustainable switches for your big day? Let us know in the comments below!

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