Something old, something new, and more

We all know the first few lines of the Something Old rhyme, but what exactly does it mean? Initially started in the Victorian era, this rhyme is still used today. The items used may be quite different now, but the thought behind them certainly isn’t.

Something old

The something old item usually represents the link between the bride to be and her family. It is often something passed down through female relatives but could be something as simple as a photo in a locket. If jewellery isn’t your thing, a small sample of a relatives wedding dress sewn into your own is a wonderful way of wearing an heirloom (significantly if it is cut into the shape of a heart). More commonly used to represent the family link, traditionally, this item was used to ward off the ‘evil eye’.

Something new

Something new is just that, something new to the bride. The wedding ring or even a wedding dress can fulfil this requirement, literally anything new to the bride for your wedding day! Put simply, the something new item represents the couple’s optimism for the future as they enter the new chapter in their life.

Something borrowed

To help capture a future of happiness, the bride is encouraged to borrow an item from a happily married friend or family member. Traditionally, this would be their undergarments (fertility superstition used to be a big thing). However, today brides opt for borrowing a garter, veil, piece of jewellery or even the wedding dress itself! If you are looking for a more abstract option, you would always use the same first dance song from a happily married couple you know.

Something blue

Another way to ward off the ‘evil eye’, the colour blue, stands for love, purity and faithfulness. A blue garter was the traditional item of choice, but you could opt for a blue piece of jewellery, shoes, ribbon, or even florals in your bouquet. This is the verse of the song you can have the most fun with!

And a sixpence in her shoe

The last line of this rhyme is often missed off, quite possibly due to the end of the sixpence being used in our currency. The sixpence represents long-lasting wealth for the couple, so it’s well worth including this line to complete the full rhyme. A sixpence can still be picked up on Ebay, Etsy, and even some bridal shops. Tuck this into your shoe before you walk down the aisle and prepare for a lifetime of prosperity and happiness!

What are some great items you’ve seen used? Let us know in the comments.


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