Six 2024 Wedding Trends You Should Know

We have been scouring the internet (and TikTok) to find some of the up-and-coming trends in the world of weddings in 2024. From locations to outfits, to general aesthetics, we have it all. Here are SIX trends you need to know about.

Fringe Details

Fringe and Tassels are going to be gracing every aspect of weddings in 2024, from décor to gowns, to macramé, and tablescapes. Fringe details are so easy to introduce into various areas of your wedding day, and are extremely versatile, being both sophisticated and boho depending on what you choose. We expect to see it embraced by the main couple and guests alike.

Quiet Luxury

Quiet Luxury is an aesthetic that rose to prominence throughout 2023, mostly due to the wedding of Emily Mariko which had TikTok users dissecting every element. A mixture of the Clean Girl and Old Money aesthetics, Quiet Luxury relies on your guests understanding the cost of your wedding aspects, without you needing to display any logos. However, by being intentional with your planning choices this is an aesthetic you can create on a budget.

Indoor Plants

Plants are a wonderful addition to any wedding day, offering a more sustainable option, doubling as wedding favours/centrepieces, and generally creating a happier atmosphere. You can embrace this trend with a few well-placed plants, or create your very own indoor jungle. If this is a trend that interests you, look for venues such as botanical gardens to ensure a stunning backdrop for your ceremony.

Check out this styled shoot for inspiration
Check out this hothouse styled shoot

Intimate Receptions

Intimate receptions are still going strong throughout 2024 (See our 2023 Predictions here). Perfect for anyone wanting a more relaxed, nontraditional wedding, or those embodying the anti-bride trend, intimate weddings allow you to truly relax and chat with your loved ones. 2024 and beyond will see a rise in receptions taking place at restaurants, in some cases taking place on a separate day from the wedding itself.

Check out this elopement shoot
Check out this cafe wedding reception

Content Creators

We have discussed Content Creators before, and can only see them rising in popularity. What exactly do they do? Content Creators will capture your wedding day more informally alongside your photographer. Their photos will be available much sooner than those by your photographer, and can even be uploaded on the day.

Do you need a content creator?


2023 was the year of the woman in so many ways, and Barbie was a big part of that. You could not get away from Barbie throughout the second half of the year, and we will continue to see its influence in 2024. Whether you opt for a pale shade of pink as a more subtle nod or a full Barbie theme, you can be sure that a lot of your guests will jump at the chance to embrace their inner Barbie.


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