Children make their royal wedding predictions


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Royal wedding fever is at an all time high, and today our questions will all finally be answered! Who will walk Meghan down the aisle? What will Meghan be wearing? What will Prince Harry be wearing? What will the flowers be like?

Earlier this month we ran a Royal Wedding competition for some local Bedfordshire school children. The children were invited to make their own predictions for the Royal Wedding and we had some really creative entries!


From the bride wearing yellow, to the happy couple arriving in a union jack hot air balloon, there were some fabulous ideas! I loved the amount of sparkle on some of the pictures of Meghan and I hope we get to see some sparkle on her dress today. Unfortunately there could only be 3 winners, although all of the children should be proud of their work. I hope they will enjoy watching the wedding and seeing which of their predictions came true.

1st Place: Millie age 9

Harry and Meghan balcony

2nd Place: Lydia age 7

Meghans wedding dress

3rd Place: Elana age 9

Harry and Meghan

Congratulations to all of our winners, we hope that you enjoy your book tokens, and watching the royal wedding on television!

bedfordshire royal wedding winners




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