Romantic London Elopement Inspiration

This stunning diverse shoot in the centre of London was planned with multicultural, romance, and beauty in mind! Leanne of Leanne Ashcroft Photography and Mal of Mal’s Photography had a simple vision which they were able to bring to life through their stunning images, and the fabulous suppliers involved in this shoot.


Leanne of Leanne Ashcroft Photography and Mal of Mal’s Photography had a simple vision in mind for this shoot, to create luminous, dreamy, romantic images that will inspire modern, diverse brides and grooms.

Location and Diversity

The location choice for this styled shoot captures parts of Central London in all its beauty, taking place around the Tower Bridge area, Millennium Bridge, St. Pauls, Chelsea Town Hall, and Albert Bridge.
As one of the most multicultural cities in the world, it made sense to feature an incredible real-life couple who reflected the multicultural vibe perfectly.

From diversity on display in the images, to behind the scenes, the suppliers involved provided a wide range of representation. Additionally, to challenge any stereotypical views, this shoot collaborated with War Paint for Men – Men’s skincare and Makeup!

The Concept

This styled shoot was planned to emphasise that you don’t have to be in a trend-setting jumpsuit or a short funky dress to pull off an elopement in the city! From a young girl who dreamed about her wedding day with the big aisle moment, wearing a romantic, show-stopping dress to an adult looking for an intimate ceremony. We wanted to show that simplicity, style and romance DOES work for a city elopement. Especially with London as your backdrop!

Styling and Details

For the style-conscious, modern romantics out there, why can’t you glide through the streets of London wearing that elegant, floaty dress? Why should you sacrifice dreamy delicate bouquet details? The answer quite simply is – You shouldn’t!

We think the ‘Francine’ wedding dress by Wendy Makin and Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design demonstrates this perfectly.

The Fabulous Suppliers

Styling & Concept: Leanne Ashcroft Photography and Mal’s Photography

Photographer: Leanne Ashcroft Photography

Assistant: – Bella

Real-life model couple: Lauran and Leslie

Dress: Francine, French Collection by Wendy Makin

Dress supplied by: Shades of White Bridal Boutique

Hair: Zoe Emmett

MUA: Bev (Makeupology)

Male Beauty: War Paint for Men

Nails: Niny

Wedding Rings: BWR London

Jewellery: Vivienne Westwood Bracelet

Stationary: Love cards by Lynda Loves

Florist: Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design

Let us know in the comments what your dream backdrop would be!


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