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Good morning everyone, I have just the thing to start your weekend off on the right foot…a feel good love story. Our Real Bride Lizzy James has agreed to share her engagement and wedding planning process with us and we couldn’t be more excited. Lizzy is getting married locally on the 1st of December 2019 at the Milling Barn near Buntingford in Hertfordshire. She will be booking local suppliers and will be sharing the ins and outs of her wedding planning experience, giving us that invaluable Real Bride expertise! So I figured we better get to know her first, so without further ado, here’s Lizzy.

Wedding Real Bride Hertfordshire

It was roughly three days after giving birth that I was first asked the question I had been asked hundreds of times before. “So, do you think Gareth will pop the question now?”


By the time our second child was born, I had started to feel like it would never happen. It felt like every time I logged onto Facebook another friend was engaged, a friend who hadn’t even been in a relationship when Gareth and I had met. With two children and eight years under my belt, I really felt like it was our time to be ‘newlyweds’. 


Gareth and I met online. I was in my second year of teaching in a busy secondary school and he worked shifts meaning that neither of us had many opportunities to get out and meet new people. We were both looking for something serious and quite honestly, just didn’t have the energy to meet someone more traditionally. At least this way I knew quite a lot about him the first time we met one cold, dark, December night.

The first date was a dream. We chatted. We laughed. He bought me prosecco. My ideal man.

We soon moved in, and then two wonderful children followed. We were a very happy little family and yet for me, something was still missing. Like many people, I dropped a number of hints about the type of ring I would like, or that I would ideally want the same surname as my son before he started school. Nothing happened and the questions by friends and family increased in their number as the years went by.

Wedding Real Bride Hertfordshire

In June this year, we were on holiday in North Wales. It was that first week of the never ending summer and we felt like we were in the Med rather than Snowdonia. One evening Gareth suggested climbing up a hill to Dolwyddelan castle. I am a history teacher, so any opportunity to see a medieval castle is good in my books. We arrived at about 4.15 without realising that the place closed at 4.30. With a four year old in tow, I was unsure if we would make it to the top in time. Gareth was very insistent that we did it. 

 A long, hot climb later and we had amazing views of the local area. We were the only people there and with the late afternoon sun and just some sheep for company, it was quite idyllic.

Just as we were about to head off, Gareth told me to sit on the grass in front of the children for some photographs. I was not keen. I was hot, sweaty, red faced and starting get a bit ‘hangry’. To keep the peace, I capitulated and put the baby on my lap whilst our boy stood next to me. Gareth snapped a few pics and then starting fumbling about in the baby carrier. After this, its all a bit of a blur. He started saying some nice things and then walked towards me. The only thing I can remember now are the words that I had been waiting to hear for a long time :’Will you marry me?’ As soon as I stopped blubbing, all I could say was ‘of course’.


I had climbed a hill, and now I was engaged. 


So far the planning has gone smoothly. Our wedding day will be ten years to the day since our first date. We have booked our venue, as well as a photographer and florist. Other things are close to being finalised, but I am also sure there are a wealth of things I haven’t even realised I need to give any thought to. Gareth was never keen on a wedding and so has handed all of the planning to me. I’m in heaven. To-do lists, spreadsheets and organisers are my happy place, and I’m pretty clear on what I want. I can foresee some issues that will need to be resolved. The budget sometimes gives me a cold sweat, and I find it incredibly hard to say no to a supplier. 


One thing I am confident about is that it will all be okay, because at the end of the day I will finally get to be Mrs Simons and for me, our family will finally be complete. 

SEE!! I told you it would make you feel all warm and fuzzy and in love all over again. Perfect way to start the weekend! We look forward to hearing more about how your engagement and wedding planning experience pans out Lizzy! Thanks again for sharing your story with us.

If you have any questions for Lizzy about her wedding planning process, please comment below!

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    Congratulations to you both – what a lovely proposal. I married a couple last year who had been together for nearly 26 years so Gareth hasn’t waited that long 😀👏👏.
    I will be following your planning with interest x


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