Planning a Whimsical Wedding Inspiration

Wedding trends come and go, but one that is set to stay is the Whimsical Wedding. This popular theme is perfect for those that want to plan their wedding with a touch of fun, that allows them to combine their favourite elements from boho, wonderland, and fairytale weddings. A Whimsical Wedding is all about throwing the rules out the window, but we have a few tips to help you start your planning.

Colour Palette

Pastel shades work perfectly for the mix-and-match style that encapsulates the carefree nature of a Whimsical Wedding. You do not need to stick to a set colour palette, however, choosing a small number of colours that look good together will tie all your wedding elements together.

Whimsical Details

Vintage, thrifted, and borrowed decor are the staple of an aesthetically pleasing Whimsical Wedding. From natural florals, and mismatching seating, to vintage crockery, styling your wedding venue can be as simple as choosing items that catch your eye! Whether you embrace a boho vibe or want something more Wonderland like the styled shoot below, your wedding day will surely match your vision.


One of the best parts of a Whimsical Wedding is the option to choose a beautiful traditional dress, or something more individual. Lace, veils, and white/ivory can look just as whimsical as a peach two-piece outfit – reflect your personal style with ease.

Inspiration Images


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