Planning a Vintage 50’s Wedding Inspiration

Vintage weddings are a fabulous, and popular wedding theme. The 1950s makes an exuberant theme, particularly an American Rock ‘n’ Roll aesthetic, not only is this easily recognisable, but it is simple to create.

Colour Palette

Following the end of the second world war, colour burst onto the scene for middle-class families in the 1950s. Pastel, Scandinavian, and modern were the three options when it came to interior trends, each with its own ideal colour palette. This allows you to pick the perfect colour scheme for your wedding day, from pastel shades to more vibrant hues.

Vintage Details

1950’s cars, burger food trucks, round hand tied bouquets, or a jukebox, there are multiple elements you can embrace for your wedding day. Many items are so quintessentially 50s, especially when you think of an American 1950s aesthetic, it can be the perfect theme for any couple – allowing them to individualise which aspects they want. For a fun theme to remember look to the Rock ‘n’ Roll vibe and hire a live band to enjoy.


When planning a 1950s-inspired wedding, the easiest place to start is with your wedding gown. Tea-length A-line dresses visually scream 1950s, perfect for dancing the night away! Timeless, flattering on every figure, and elegant, these are the ultimate wedding dress style.

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