Planning a Regency Wedding Inspiration

Regency details have always been used in wedding planning, however, with the popularity of Bridgerton, this time period is becoming more sought after. The venue, the dress, the music, and any aspect of your wedding day can channel the regency period!

Colour Palette

The Regency period (circa 1795 to 1837) tended to lean towards pastel colours, although colours were becoming more vibrant during this period, especially regarding interior design. Opting for a soft, pretty pastel palette alongside floral patterns will guarantee a visually stunning wedding.

Regency Details

When planning your #regencycorewedding think oppulance! From vintage china tablescapes, and trailing wisteria decorations to pastel colour schemes, lacy, ribbon, and large floral features – all, or a combination of these will ensure you nail the look.

The Venue

Manor houses are always your first step in securing the perfect wedding venue for your regency inspired day. If you are lucky you may have a genuine regency venue close to you, if not, you will certainly find that most manor or stately homes will provide the correct vibe.

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