5 ways to make your bridal hair trial perfect

5 ways to make your bridal hair trial perfect_engageweddings.co.uk

If you are thinking about how to wear your hair for your wedding day, Nicola Marshall is here to give you 5 tips to have a successful bridal trial!


Photo Credit:  Ami Louisa Photography

Photo Credit: Ami Louisa Photography

The Dress

Wait until you have found ‘The Dress ‘ a lot of other details revolve around your dress with your hairstyle being one of them. It’s all about balancing shapes and following themes to flatter your total bridal look. If you’re wearing a veil, and already have chosen your hair accessories, make sure to bring them with you to your trial. This will allow you to work out where they will sit best with your chosen style. If you are still unsure of what will compliment you, most stylists will carry a selection of pretty things to have a play with so you can see what works best .

Photo Credit: Ami Louisa Photography

Photo Credit: Ami Louisa Photography

Book your Trail

Once you have found the dress it’s time to book your trial! I would advise to book it for 3-6 months before your big day. Too far away from the wedding and your hair may not be the thickness and length it will be on your actual wedding day, you could also forget how the style looked, or change your mind completely. Too close to the wedding and you may feel a little rushed or unorganised, this also doesn’t give much time if you decide to buy hair accessories, add any hair extensions or change the colour to compliment your style .

Pinterest your dream hair

Create a Pinterest board or a collection of styles to show your stylist, and then choose two favourites to try out. This gives you a clear focus and the opportunity to discuss your likes and dislikes, this will help you to not become too confused or overwhelmed. Your trial is your chance to change anything you don’t like, so please please say we will not be offended honest! 

Photo Credit: Ami Louisa Photography

Photo Credit: Ami Louisa Photography

Prep your hair

On the day of your trial make sure your hair is clean and dry prior to the start of the trial, either washed the day before or even that morning if your hair is excessively oily. Speak to your stylist if you have any concerns about your hair, e.g fine or curly and they will happily advise you and give you tips on hair care so your hair is in tip top condition for your wedding day.

What to wear

Try to wear something with a similar colour and neckline as your dress. This will let you get a feel for to how it will look, for example if your dress is strapless try to wear a bandeau style top, then you can see how your hair will fall around your shoulders.

Photo Credit: Ami Louisa Photography

Photo Credit: Ami Louisa Photography

Hope these tips ensure you a wonderful wedding trial, better yet, why not try and team your trial with a dress fitting or a make up trial so you get an even clearer picture of you it will all look together. You could even treat yourself to an evening out with the girls to show off your style. Happy wedding planning!


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Planning your wedding is such an exciting time so remember to take a moment to enjoy it! Thank you to Nicola Marshall for joining us and sharing these tips.


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