November’s 5 Best Wedding Tips


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Each month I review my top 5 favourite local wedding ideas and tips and November was booming with important tips on how to make your day special. Each tip is handpicked from our Instagram page to inspire your wedding day.

If you see something you love, let me know in the comments below.


1. Go to a wedding planning party!!

By far this was our most successful tip of November! All the preparation and build up of something that’s never been done before was soooo worth it! Essentially it allows the bride and groom to party while they plan. Instead of walking around from booth to booth, and pop up stand to pop up stand, brides enter a fully decorated, planned wedding party. With bubbly in hand, your local wedding suppliers show off their talent and let you experience what they have to offer. It allows you to get your wedding planning ideas flowing, suppliers booked, and even hair and make up trialled, all in one night! Wedding Planning Parties are the way forward for how to start planning your big day! Engage Weddings will continue to host more of these amazing evenings, follow here for future dates!

2. Get engagement photos before the big day!

Photo credit:  Becky Harley Photography

Photo credit: Becky Harley Photography

This may seem like another thing to add to the list of things to do, but engagement photos are the best way to start getting comfortable in front of the camera, get to know your photographer and see them in action, and see the magic they can work from behind a lens. The engagement photos are a great way to have beautiful photos to display at your wedding on the card and gifts table or in the guest book. You’ll never regret having some great photos of the two of you during the blissful engagement season of life. 

3. Treat your guests with a memorable evening treat. 

Wedding Candy Cart Bedfordshire

Wedding Cheese Plater Bedfordshire

Wedding Waffle Cart Bedfordshire

Your guests will always be kept happy when there is a memorable evening treat to snack on. From the loveable and playful candy cart by Oh So Delicious to ensure your guests sweet tooth is kept in check, to a savoury cheese board by The Cheese Plate, or a show stopping waffle cart by Waffle Wands, your guests will not be left without a joyful taste to seal the night.        

4. Get a make up and hair trial. 

Wedding Hair Bedfordshire

Wedding make up bedfordshire

When you are the front and centre of the day, nothing is more important than making sure you look your best. A make up and hair trial is crucial to making sure you are happy with the way you will look on the day, before it all counts. Local make up artist Ali Kynoch and hair stylist Kate Atalay will offer you a trial to give you the best piece of mind for the day. 


5. Don’t underestimate the fun of a Photo Booth. 

Wedding Photo booth Bedfordshire

Seriously. You’re guests are all dressed up and looking their best. They love nothing more than having a fun, entertaining place to take pics with all their friends that they haven’t seen in ages, or new ones that they just made on the dance floor. These pics flood social media after your wedding and keep everyone talking about how fun the night way for years to come. Photo Buzz provides all you need to have a photo booth thats sure to be a hit. 


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