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More children are being invited to weddings, meaning that couples have to consider entertainment for children at weddings. Miss Carlysle and Co (Wedding and Event Planner) teamed up with a talented bunch of suppliers to bring you this Neverland package for entertainment at a wedding. 




What Entertainment could you have at a Wedding

Colouring Station / Craft area 

Keep children busy with colouring. Children love areas with pots of crayons, craft supplies – stickers, pipe cleaner and so much more!! Especially if they are wedding themed crafts. Opt for mess free crafts (stay away from paint) to decrease the amount of tidying up afterwards. 

Photo Credits: Laura Williams Photography

Photo Credits: Laura Williams Photography

Fancy Dress Box

Provide a fun box of customes such as a pirate outfit, Tinkerbell fairy wings, a Peter Pan outfit and more!


If you have the money in your budget, hire a professional to entertain the children. A storyteller would work especially well with our Neverland set up, letting you turn the entertainment into a true Neverland storyline. This is an easy way to keep the children happy and distracted. 



Cupcake Station

Bare cupcakes ready for the children to decorate and make their very own creations, icing, edible sparkles!

Party Set Up

Working with an Event Planner & Entertainer to create a full set up for the children at your wedding, takes the stress away from you and means your young guests can enjoy themselves for the day.


Credits: Matthew Nut Photography

Credits: Matthew Nut Photography


If you are looking for childrens entertainment for your wedding, during the reception drinks, or spring & summer evenings, Neverland is the perfect choice. As a team we will organise it for you, but will set it up for you too!

Step into Neverland…

Local wedding planner, Beth from Miss Carlysle and Co was approached by Kelly’s Kitchen to crete this amazing wedding day experience. Having worked together on a range of different weddings and events previsouly, Beth and Kelly were a true dream team in bringing together this Neverland experience. 

As Beth says ‘Having children at weddings is becoming a more popular idea, therefore couples need to be more inventive with entertainment for children. This Neverland experience will keep the children entertained for hours on end, creating memories with their friends and family.


Photo Credits: Laura Williams Photography

Photo Credits: Laura Williams Photography


Krafty Creators

Bespoke creative service for children specialising in unique creative adventures

With the Neverland package Emily from Krafty Creators takes the children on a creative journey into Neverland. Through craft and costumes, the children will become part of the story themselves, creating a pirate hat, pixie wings and flower crowns. Once in character the children explore interactive areas created across the event such as Skull Rock (a handmade pirate ship for the children to play within), Crocodile Creek, Pixie Woodland and The Lost Boys Hideout. Within these areas Krafty Creators provide lots of props to bring the story to life; for example treasure maps, cardboard daggers, bows and arrows, treasure chests and toadstools. Through the use of interactive play, crafts, costume and props Krafty Creators fully transport the children into the magical world of Neverland around them.




Photo Credits: Laura Williams Photography

Photo Credits: Laura Williams Photography


House of Parties

Bespoke balloon displays to recreate Neverland

House of Parties help to make your event pop with amazing personalised balloon displays. They will start off the Neverland adventure with a cloud display, showing Peter, Tinkerbell, Wendy, John and Michael flying over London on their way to Neverland. 

This beautifully floral pixie inspired balloon garland of lilac and green with matching florals, and a matching pixie pole will sit inside the bell tent. To create a native Indian tent, our wonderful supppliers will add oranges, reds and browns, with matching pampas grass arrangements. 


Forever Flowers

Recreating the pixie woodland from your dreams

Floral designs are all created by Ashley from Forever Flowers which helped to bring the finishing touches to the teepees, which look fantastic when set up around a campfire. Oranges, whites and peaches are used to tie in with the red Indian display from House of Parties

The pixie woodland area is styled with purple and green floral arrangements, giving it a truly magical feel with the help of props from Krafty Creators


Photo Credits: Laura Williams Photography

Photo Credits: Laura Williams Photography


Kelly’s Kitchen

Specialising in unique celebration and wedding cakes and luxury cupcakes.

‘A Neverland inspired two tier cake was developed for this children’s party. With a pirate themed bottom tier including the infamous Hook and an edible printed map on the board. The top tier was inspired by Tinkerbell, the lost boys and the enchanted woodland including a toadstool on the top. Gifty Creations supplied two delicate gold toppers in the shape of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell’.




Bringing camping to everyone, encouraging people outside and promoting sustainable living

Tentshare has a wide range of tents available, including a stock of beautiful canvas bell tents. These add a touch of glamorous glamping to any celebration or occasion. 

Tentshare is a peer-to-peer tent hire platform. Rent a tent from local tent owners and you contribute to the local economy, reducing waste overall. Their aim is to bring the joy of glamping and camping to everyone whilst creating a more sustainable lifestyle.


Sleepy Creations

Creating a magical sleepover experience the lost boys would love

‘Whatever you’re celebrating, and whether your event is outdoors or inside Sleepy Creations can create a cozy area for your younger guests to relax. They will pitch individual tepee pods that contain a mattress and cozy pillows and blankets. Each tepee will be decorated with a choice of bunting, LED lights, tray table, and either a lantern or flashlight. These items can also be used to decorate the inside of the larger bell tent that is provided by Tent Share’.



Bite around the world

Bespoke children’s catering

Bite Around The World focuses on creating visually incredible food displays that are full of your favourite foods and flavours, making mealtime fun for children at your wedding. You can even create your own bespoke platters or boxes.

Lauren and Toby from Bite Around the World have a range of ideas for a wedding kids mini menu. Ideas include sweet & savory boxes and platters, or half and half including delicious pancakes, waffles and fresh and healthy fruits and crudités in various shapes making it fun for little ones to enjoy! If they are a little more adventurous they have menus from across the globe to make it perfect for your little ones on your special day.

Lauren and Toby from Bite Around the World have come up with a range of ideas for a wedding kids mini menu. 

Ideas including:

Savoury  Boxes:     

• Cheese selection (choose 2 – Cheddar, Brie, Mozzarella or Feta) 

• Cracker and Pita Bread selection 

• Selection of Sliced Meats (choose 2 –  salami, chicken or ham) 

• Crudités and Hummus (Carrot, Cucumber, Pepper, Celery) 

• Popcorn & Pretzels  

• Sausage Rolls / Cheese & Onion Rolls ( ½ sweet & ½ savoury – Choose 2 sweet options and 4 savoury items – can be adapted to suit dietary needs)

Sweet Boxes:

 • Pancakes with Nutella, Honey or peanut butter

• Selection of Berries 

• Orange, Grapes & Melon 

• Waffles dipped in Milk Chocolate


The full Neverland entertainment package includes 

Set up/ Take down, Organisation, Garlands, Florals, Bell Tent, Personalised Activities Packs, Cupcakes, Food Boxes, and Sleepover Props

Starting from £897

Contact Miss Carlysle and Co to discuss your wedding day needs

Photo Credits: Matthew Nut Photography

Photo Credits: Matthew Nut Photography



Event Coordinator: Miss Carlysle and Co

Photographer: Matthew Nutt Photography 

Assistant Photographer: Laura Williams Weddings

Activities, Bespoke Props and Interactive Themed Areas: Krafty Creators

Florals: Forever Flowers

Florals and Balloon Displays: House of Parties

Cake Maker: Kelly’s Kitchen

Sleepover Items: Sleepy Creations

Personalised Gifts: Gifty Creations

Bell Tent: TentShare

Grazing Boards: Bite around the World




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