Making your wedding day photoshoot fun and unique

Do you want your wedding to be fun and relaxed? This stunning photoshoot focuses on enjoying the wedding reception element of the day while inspiring ways to make a whirlwind day fun and relaxing for you and your guests.
Rachel of Veiled Productions joins us today to share some wonderful tips on making your wedding day fun and unique. Make sure to check out all the talented suppliers involved at the bottom of the page!

Photo Credits: Dave Hadley Photography

Have a laugh

Does posing for photos sound like your worst nightmare? We totally understand that formal wedding photos aren’t for everyone so we came up with some ideas on how to make your wedding day photos fun, relaxed and unique! 

So often we see the advice ‘take half an hour during your reception for just the two of you’ and whilst we absolutely agree, we recommend making this time more relaxed and special for you both, a much less formal photoshoot. For our styled shoot, Dave suggested a picnic to help create special, natural photos together. We love this idea because it can work both indoors and outdoors and creates a cosy, intimate atmosphere for natural wedding photos. It could also be a surprise for your other half! 

To help make the photos natural and fun, we wanted to have ideas that would encourage lots of laughter. A champagne spray is so much fun to do and although it’s been quite a trend for 2022 / 2023 we’ve largely seen it within the wedding party and not between the couples themselves. Rachel and Richard were a bit unsure that it would spray that well on the day and that’s what made it even better – genuine surprise and laughter, the best natural photos and video footage! 

This was also true during the lawn games. Often the married couple are so busy during the reception that they miss the opportunity to have a go at the lawn games themselves so why not use the couple photoshoot to have a go yourselves? 

Video credits: Veiled Productions

Think outside the box

Another idea we had, was to use the time drinking the champagne from the champagne spray and jot down your favourite moments from the day into a personalised notebook. Chatting about what surprised you or made you laugh, might often be things you forget in 1, 5 or 10 years so it’s the perfect opportunity to make a note of them, as well as creating more natural photos without any posing. The notebook can then also be used as a guest book during the evening reception. 

Knowing and trusting your suppliers

Most people can agree on one thing: Planning a wedding is hard work. There’s a lot that can go wrong, and it often comes with a heap of stress. But here’s the silver lining – wedding suppliers have seen it all. When you put your faith and trust in them, they bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and a genuine desire to help you turn your dream wedding into a reality.

For this particular shoot, we brought together a team of seasoned providers who collaborated on a beautiful vision. Ideas were tossed around and put into action, resulting in an incredibly fun, lively, and delightful shoot. Surprisingly, most of us had never worked together before. Yet, after the shoot, it felt as if we had been a well-practised team for years.

The same principle applies to any wedding. Suppliers work in harmony to bring your dream day to life. By getting to know them and putting your trust in their expertise, you can kick back, relax, and have a blast. They’ll take your ideas and transform them into a wedding that exceeds your wildest expectations. Trusting your suppliers is like unlocking the door to stress-free wedding planning. So, take the leap, build those connections, and let your suppliers work their magic while you enjoy the ride towards a wedding day that’s better and beyond what you ever imagined.

The Suppliers

Venue: Furtho Manor Farm

Styling and Planning: Samsa Mays

Photographer: Dave Hadley Photography

Second Photographer: Michael Heath Photography

Videographer: Veiled Productions

Shoot Assistant: Wedding Day Dance UK

Models: Rachel and Richard

Bridal Gown: Lisa Lyons Bridal

Groom Suit: Fogarty’s Leighton Buzzard

Lawn Games: Purple Lily

Photo-Booth: Halo Photos

Food Truck: Moo Hatch

Ceilidh Band: Lisa Heywood

Hair: Nicola Marshall

Makeup: Hannah Rafferty

Artificial Flowers: Bloom in Gorgeous Flowers

Biscuits for picnic / favour inspiration: Angela Jane Cake Design

Personalised Book: Ali’s Paper

Party guests thanks to: Becca Pountney

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  1. Amy Nelson

    What a fabulous shoot! The photos are absolutely stunning. It was a pleasure to assist that day. I was so impressed by the way Dave & Rachel put the couple at ease, which is clear to see, as they look so relaxed and happy . In fact, all the wedding suppliers were so friendly, yet professional, it was a joy to be involved with such a fantastic bunch of wedding pros working together to create gorgeous images to inspire future couples.


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