10 ways to make wedding planning into your most amazing moments

10 ways to make wedding planning into your most amazing moments_engageweddings.co.uk

So it’s time to do some wedding planning, not just the odd hour on the train to work, but a full session – the two of you getting some planning ticked off the to do list. Constance from Mrs T Weddings is here to give you 10 tips on enjoying the planning and not switching off.

You can do this and enjoy it!

Photo Credit:  Natalie J Weddings

Photo Credit: Natalie J Weddings

It’s perfectly normal for one half of a couple to be super excited about wedding planning and the other half not to be quite so keen, this can easily be the cause of an absentminded eye roll between a couple. If you are super keen and fired up about planning, or a little lacklustre about the whole planning thing always try and make it fun. 

Here are my ten top tips on how to make the most out of your wedding planning journey together, and make it into an awesome fun and memorable time in your life. 

Photo Credit: Natalie J Weddings

Photo Credit: Natalie J Weddings

Venue Search

Go on an adventure. Dedicate a couple of weekends to going out and seeing what’s out there – most couples don’t have their heart set on an ideal venue from the get go, so get in the car, get out there and see what you both like – stop for pub lunches, go for a wander around the grounds of the venue, make the most of some romantic weekends together – just the two of you. 



Make it personal not just a process. If you are having a Celebrant really get to know them, go for a drink and all get to know one another. The more personal it is the more you’ll look forward to your Celebrant being there to perform your wedding ceremony. If you’re going to have a church ceremony then really embrace this decision and make the most of those Sundays having your banns read.  Spend time getting to know other members of the congregation – invite your close friends and family to come with you and build up that community feeling – and always make sure you have a fabulous Sunday lunch.

Photo Credit: Natalie J Weddings

Photo Credit: Natalie J Weddings



Unless you’re used to being photographed like a Kardashian the likelihood is you’re slightly unnerved about having your photo taken on your wedding day. Instead of this being an anxiety, confront your fear! Book in an engagement shoot with your Photographer. Really get to know your Photographer on a personal level, have fun with them, understand what makes you all work well together (you might be quite surprised at some of the prompts you get given – remember your wedding Photographer is looking to capture the happiest you). And as an added bonus you have some gorgeous photos as memories of this wonderful time in your relationship – your engagement.



Book something fab and memorable to do after your hair and make-up trial, go somewhere awesome – maybe a date night at a restaurant you’ve been desperate to go to.  You’ve paid to look this good – make sure you make the most of it. 



Always book in a tasting with your caterers, you want to make sure you are going to love your wedding breakfast.  Make your meal tasting into a date and remember to book a cab, or hotel for the night so you don’t have the pressure of driving home. Enjoy and just think next time you are eating this meal will be as a married couple. Now that is exciting!

Photo Credit: Natalie J Weddings

Photo Credit: Natalie J Weddings


Make the most of your friends and families skills

Those closest to you will want to do whatever they can to make your wedding day super special for you both. There is nothing more complimentary than asking your friends and family to be a part of your wedding. They will love you bringing them into your wedding plans and feel a part of your big day. It could be anything from their advice on which flowers to have, their styling advice with wedding dress shopping, or helping arrange logistics on the day.



What a great thing to be planning! Take the time to go to the vineyard or wholesaler where you will be getting your drinks from, especially if it means a wonderful weekend away together. You need to make sure it tastes spot on!


Cake Tasting

Need I say more! Make sure you book in a tasting, arrive hungry and ready to try flavours you might not have thought of before. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to completely indulge in all sorts of cakeage. 

Photo Credit: Natalie J Weddings

Photo Credit: Natalie J Weddings


First Dance

Another huge area of concern for most couples is the thought of a first dance. There is a super fun solution to this – take dance classes! Yes, you’ll probably feel awkward, unless you’re a natural and really should be on Strictly. Dance lessons are a great way for you to spend some time together with a lot of laughter. Dance is such a brilliant form of exercise, there is nothing better to get those endorphins kicking in and you’ll be feeling a little more confident on your wedding day when it comes to your First Dance . 


On the day special touches

Spend time speaking with your married relatives and loved ones about their wedding days. Learn about the special and memorable moments from their wedding day. How can you incorporate these into your wedding day? Sentimental and fab advice! P.s. Once you’re married you’ll soon realise there is nothing a couple likes talking about more than their own wedding. 


How to make your wedding planning amazing_Wedding Day_Natali J Weddings

Photo Credits: Natalie J Weddings

Photo Credits: Natalie J Weddings

Make the most of this super special time in your relationship, spend time together, enjoying planning the day of your dreams. Make it authentic to you – think about you as a couple. Wedding planning should be fun, don’t be afraid to take risks – quite often the greatest risks deliver the greatest rewards.

Remember to take photos along the way – you’ll want to remember these special days, and having photos of how you ended up with your wedding day being perfectly choreographed to you. 

Remember being engaged is a temporary status, so make the most of it! 


Constance has some wonderful thoughts on making your wedding planning amazing. Visit Mrs T Weddings to discuss your wedding planning.

How are you makign your wedding planning fun? Let us know in the comments.

Thankyou to Natalie J Weddings for the wonderful photographs to go with this post.


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