Luxury Touches for your Winter Wedding

Winter wedding luxury hertfordshire

Winter weddings have the chance to play off so many great senses which make them so memorable. The smell of fir trees, cloves, cinnamon, and log fires. The taste of rich dark chocolate, peppermint and spiced mulled wine. The deep hues of cranberry, navy, and evergreen in contrast to stark ivory. And the textures of rustic wood, satin ribbon and luxurious fur are what make winter weddings unforgettable. 

Our local wedding suppliers have mastered the art of luxury in winter weddings in these key ways. 

1. Fir Trees

Photo Credit:  Ayelle Photography

Photo Credit: Ayelle Photography

Whether you head to a nearby Christmas tree farm for some beautiful photos in nature, or bring the tree indoors to your venue fully decorated for the season, fir trees will bring that classic winter wedding touch to your day. The aroma of fresh pine needles will fill the room and immediately make you and your guests feel welcome and at home. 

2. Winter Flower Crown

Flower crowns are perfect touches to any wedding, even winter ones. Instead of a row of brightly coloured roses, this flower crown by Kerry at Cottage Garden Weddings makes such a tasteful winter wedding statement. The mix of textures from the twigs to the seasonal greenery and pops of cranberry and white florals, will make any bride look like the Queen of Winter on her big day. 

3. Fur Shawl

Winter weddings give way to high end wedding garments, like this luxury fur shawl. Inside or out, you will be keeping your look high class by adding a great winter texture like fur. It adds a different dimension to your photos and keeps you warm while shooting unforgettable outdoor photos like this one from two-d photography

4. Cake

Winter wedding chocolate cake Hertfordshire

La Belle Cake Company are true masters in the art of cake. A dark chocolate ganache wedding cake, dressed with seasonal greenery, will be the perfect compliment to your winter wedding. Cutting the cake will need to be moved up in the order of reception as no one will stop salivating until this decadent desert is served! 

5. Blankets and Throws

If its cold outside, the inside needs to be extra cozy and warm! Providing wrapped up fleece throws for your guests will show them that you want them to be as comfortable as possible and get cozy to stick around all evening. Its just the thing to take the chill off from the outdoors before they warm up from your venues blazing log fire, or specialty hot beverage. 

6. Hot Chocolate Bar

Wedding hot chocolate bar Bedfordshire

Wedding Hot chocolate bar Bedfordshire

Adding a speciality hot beverage bar to your evening gets everyone warmed up and feeling festive. A luxury Hot Chocolate Bar is a sure way to please your guests as they get to flavour their own beverage with great add ins and toppings. It’s just another way to make your winter wedding feel like a luxury winter retreat. 

7. Candlelight

Photo Credit:  Kooky Weddings  Styling:  Venue styling by SARA

Photo Credit: Kooky Weddings Styling: Venue styling by SARA

 The warmth of the candlelit glow sets the ambience perfectly for the romantic occasion. Mixed with other festive touches, reflective glass, and beading allow the glow from a candle to give any surface a romantic sparkle. 

8. Mistletoe

Photo Credit:  Becky Harley Photography

Photo Credit: Becky Harley Photography

What a great way to blend the romance of the season with your winter wedding. An oversized mistletoe will get everyone in the mood for a little romance and will allow you and the love of your life to show off your passion with a festive touch.  

9. Sparklers

Photo Credit:  Ayelle Photography

Photo Credit: Ayelle Photography

‘Plan your exit to be one that’s just as festive and fun as the rest of the day. Sparklers are so classy for winter weddings and gets everyone involved in the send off. You will get beautiful evening photos and you’ll be beaming as you ride off after the best day of your life. 

I hope you are feeling more inspired than ever for your winter wedding, or perhaps you see winter weddings in a whole new light. They really don’t compare when it comes to luxury with any other season. Happy luxury wedding planning!

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