Creating Jewellery Memoirs for your wedding day

Creating Jewellery Memoirs for your wedding

Today we are joined by Sarah from Heulwen Lewis Bespoke, who specialises in beautiful custom made jewellery items. With years of experience Sarah knows that a bespoke ring can be a unique edition from your special day.


What do you think about when you buy/wear a piece of jewellery?

Unlike passing trends in the fashion world, jewellery can be a keepsake for generations, a forever piece worthy of investment. When I’ve designed jewellery over the years, I’ve always preferred to focus on who it’s for, rather than what outfit it will go with. Jewellery is a lifelong purchase. It should express your personality and feel like a natural part of you, almost as if it’s always been there. 

When buying or designing jewellery, ask yourself: “Why do I need it? Does/Will it have an emotional attachment? Will I love it? Can or will it be worn every day? Can it be passed on for years to come?”.

Photo and Jewellery:  Heulwen Lewis Bespoke

Photo and Jewellery: Heulwen Lewis Bespoke

As far back as ancient times, jewellery has been used to tell a story, to mark status or rank and to offer protection. The metal types, symbols, techniques and stones chosen each had their own significance and meaning, allowing their creators and owners to keep history alive for years to come.

Similarly, your own jewellery can be a legacy you pass on to your descendants; the necklace your mother wore when you were a child that still makes you smile, the bracelet your grandmother wore every day without fail, regardless of whether it went with her outfit or — in my case — the wedding ring my nan wore until it was just too small, which sits on my hand 70 years on. These memoirs gather meaning as the years roll on. Their sentiment and value become irreplaceable and everlasting.

By choosing to create a bespoke piece of jewellery, you’re choosing to go on a journey, to share your story and to create memories that are truly unique to you and your loved ones. If you’re going to invest in a lifelong piece, why not make it just that little bit extra special, knowing it’s a complete original? Go the extra mile to encapsulate your emotions and sentiment in a special piece that will go on to speak all by itself.

Photo and Jewellery: Heulwen Lewis Bespoke

Photo and Jewellery: Heulwen Lewis Bespoke

Another beauty of bespoke comes in the knowledge that items you’ve inherited can also be ‘upcycled’. It’s an amazing gift to bring a piece, or pieces, of jewellery that have been boxed away for years back to life. With a little imagination it’s possible to revamp an item using the precious metal, gemstones and diamonds to create something new that rolls all your stories into one.

Recently I’ve loved helping a groom who wanted to propose to his fiancée using his mam’s wedding ring. Sadly his mum had passed away, so finding a way to make her a part of his big day was an honor.

We decided to melt the gold from his mam’s wedding ring for his wedding band and use the stones to make a wedding set for his fiancée. This way, his mum’s ring touched both of their hearts. When he proposed, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. 

Photo and Jewellery: Heulwen Lewis Bespoke

Photo and Jewellery: Heulwen Lewis Bespoke

Upcycling is the perfect way to make a much-loved family member part of your everyday life, even if they can’t be there. The perfect sentimental piece that becomes, not only a reflection of you, but also of loved ones who can be remembered for generations to come. 


Heulwen Lewis Bespoke

Thank you Sarah for joining us today. If you are considering a bespoke piece of jewellery for your big day get in contact at Heulwen Lewis Bespoke or via email at


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