Irregular Tea Party Wedding Inspiration

Today we have been joined by the fabulous Beckie from Emerald Orchid Weddings as she shares this fantastic Irregular Tea Party styled shoot. If you are looking for something different for your wedding day, prepare for some stunning inspiration.


When you’re planning a wonderfully personal wedding, you can end up down a rabbit hole and wonder if anything can bring you back! What you need is a wedding planner whose imagination is as big as yours, who can take you by the hand and calmly lead you back to enjoying your engagement. This is where my inspiration came from, but let me give you a bit of an insight into just why it was irregular. I am a collector (curator??) of Irregular Choice shoes, the most beautiful, exciting and sparkly shoes. When you’re a planner, you have to wear many “hats”, but in my case, I say that I have many “shoes” that I don’t. I’m a planner, a kind ear, a friend, a calming influence, all wrapped up in an enthusiastic ball of professional & approachable Beckie Melvin.

Down the rabbit hole

When planning this shoot, I knew I had to centre around a pair of my shoes, and down the rabbit hole was created. I adore the fun and intriguing images that Kirsty of Kirsty Rockett created – they capture the confusion, excitement & sheer choice that wedding planning brings. Coupled with the incredible talents of my chosen suppliers, I think we created something truly unique. So, come down the rabbit hole with me & let’s wind our way through it together.

Tea party

You can’t have a tea party without cake! Embracing the irregular nature of the shoot meant that the suppliers could just have fun with their table styling, from teacups that don’t match to flowers and moss. The table truly captured a Mad Hatters tea party vibe! The tea party spirit was completed by some fantastic cookies and a nature-inspired four-tier cake topped with a teacup.

The bride

Truly embracing the carefree whimsy of this shoot, our bride was dressed in an ethereal lace dress with a blue sash, which perfectly complimented the shoes. The bridal hair and makeup were styled in a relaxed way compared to the stunning floral crown, adding a touch of drama to the tea party.

The suppliers

Photographer: Kirsty Rockett Photography

Dress: Flamingo Bridal

Flowers: Flower Boutique MK

Cake and cookie favours: Angela Jane Cake Designs

Stationery: Tiggity Boo

Bride: Girl On Fire

Velvet chairs: The Boho shack

Venue: Flaxbourne Gardens

Irregular Choice Shoes: Bad Ass Weddings

Vintage Crockery: Elsie Rose Vintage

Large mirror and table plan: Samsa Mays

Brides bouquet: Arlo Arts

Headdress: Bombini Studio


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