Interview with photographer, Maria Assia

Interview with photographer, Maria

Today we are joined by London based photographer Maria Assia, who specialises in happy, fun-loving couples across the South East, to chat about her business and what she can offer you!

Interview with Maria with Maria Credits:  Maria Assia Photography

Photo Credits: Maria Assia Photography

Tell us about you and your business?

Hi, I’m Maria, and I shoot kick-ass couples as they get hitched in an unposed, natural and informal style in London, Kent, across the UK and internationally. I specialise in colourful, happy and emotion-packed documentary wedding photography that will show your happiness and joy without stiff and cringey posing.

Why did you start your wedding business?

When my husband and I got married, we wanted to find a photographer who would capture our wedding naturally and just as it happened. I wanted everyone to have the best time at our celebration and for our photographer to capture just that in the best way possible. The last thing I wanted to do was to pose for hours in a line or with my husband, feeling awkward in front of the camera! Yes, I totally get it. So, I booked the best photographer my money could stretch to, and never looked back. It was such a relief to know that our photography would be amazing and really well taken care of. And that is what I offer my couples too. The peace of mind to know that their photography is sorted, and is going to take them right back to how it felt to be in each moment of their day, while they go and enjoy their day to the fullest.

Interview with Maria with Maria with Maria


Why do you love working in weddings?

I’ve always been passionate about photography. My mother used to shoot black and white documentary films in East Germany and I grew up around film, storytelling and photography. Wedding photography is one of the most creative and beautiful ways to tell the story of your relationships and love. It is as much about you as a couple as about the special people in your life. It is as much about what happened on your day, as about capturing how it felt to be there.

What kind of couple do you love to work with?

My kind of couple are definitely a team. In fact, often it’s the groom who finds me first, but you both have a say. You love to travel, have very few inhibitions and you LOVE your friends and families. You can’t wait to hug your nana or grandad second or mention them in your speech if they’re not around anymore. You’re all about fun, emotions, and would love a photographer who will stay late and party with you. I have crashed in a tent at weddings, travelled with my couples to arctic Finland, Bulgaria, the US and Morocco, and it was all about fun, the adventure, the atmosphere and the love. I quite often stay good friends with my couples and they really love that! You need to feel like I’m one of their buddies, that I will celebrate with you, cry at your speeches and not be weird when you’re standing around a bit awkwardly in your underwear or jumping into the pool at the end of the night.

My couples love the happiness and also the funny reality of life and are often quite decent hobby photographers themselves. You also love each other deeply and intensely, even if subtly, and feel a real loyalty to each other. We share a very similar dry sense of humour and approach the world with curiosity. Not necessarily extroverts, you are nonetheless happy in your skin and have solid friendships in the real world. Although you might do a ‘light’ diet for your wedding, you are definitely more on the real spectrum than the Fine Art High Fashion look spectrum. Posing is shit, having fun is easy. You don’t care as much about the details, although you have planned them with a sense of humour. You would have photos of your family and friends feeling joyful, tearful, or being funny any day over a photo of a card, shoe or ring, not that you mind them in the mix.

Interview with Maria Credits: Maria Assia Photography

Photo Credits: Maria Assia Photography


Why should someone book you for their wedding day?

Your wedding should be fun and not a long list of stiff photo poses. If you’re looking for a photographer who you really click with, and who won’t pose you for hours, while capturing all the emotional moment of your wedding, then get in touch. I’m up for any adventure, near and far and I can’t wait to get to know your personalities and see what fun things you have thought up for your wedding. Let’s get to know each other and have some fun.

What question do you get asked all the time by couples and what’s the answer to it?

How long will you be with us on the day? Every wedding is unique, which is why I offer full day photography as standard. Because why would you want to put a lid on the fun! I will be with you from around 1.5hrs before you get into your dress, to well into the evening, when everyone lets their hair down and has a great time. Then, when everyone gets a little past their best, and we have snapped ALL the pictures, I’ll usually come and find you and say goodbye.

What’s your number one piece of wedding planning advice?

Figure out your priorities and book those suppliers first. Spend a good chunk of your budget on what’s most important to you. That way you’ll be sure to love your wedding and to have a blast with your favourite people. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Interview with Maria with Maria with Maria


Do you have a dream wedding venue, location or wedding theme that you would love to work at?

As much as there are simply jaw-droppingly beautiful wedding venues out there, and I could name a few, for me it’s so much more about the couple. Anyone can hire a beautiful venue, but it’s the couple, their family and friends that make the wedding glorious and fun.

If we want to speak to you about our wedding day what should we do?

Get in touch to have a chat. I’m always just at the end of the phone, at or over on Instagram @mariaassia_photography

Interview with Maria with Maria with Maria
For colourful, happy and emotion-packed photography chat with Maria today!
Facebook: @mariaassiaphotography | Instagram: @mariaassia_photographyPhoto Credits: Maria Assia Photography

Photo Credits: Maria Assia Photography


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