How to plan a Boho wedding

One wedding theme that has proven itself as timeless, and just as relevant today as it was in the 60s is the bohemian wedding! This style actually works wonderfully for a UK wedding, as it is as beautiful on a rainy day, as a sunny one. For tips on planning your very own boho wedding, and some stunning inspiration keep scrolling.

What is a Bohemian wedding?

Emerging in the 60s, the Bohemian lifestyle shows no signs of slowing down in modern trends. Search boho weddings on Pinterest or Instagram and you will find inspiration for every type of bohemian wedding. The beauty of a bohemian wedding is that it allows you to be as creative as you are comfortable with, from a full Coachella-esque wedding experience to a more simple macrame or lace decor scheme.

Where to start with planning a boho wedding

The essence of a bohemian wedding is care-free and free-spirited, with an emphasis on the effortless (or at least the appearance of effortless). Fun, informal, and feminine, a boho wedding is perfect for those couples that want to avoid the stuffy more traditional elements of a wedding. When planning a boho wedding, the first place to start is by discussing as a couple how eclectic you wish to be, and whether you will incorporate small elements, or have an entire boho style.

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How to pick a boho venue

The perfect boho wedding venue has a more informal vibe, ideally with an outdoor space for celebrating. Embracing nature is the key to a true boho wedding, making the most of mother nature through your location also allows you to step back when it comes to decor. From the countryside, woods, and botanical gardens, to the beach, the UK has a wonderful selection of venues for your wedding offering a full range to suit every couple!

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Boho decor at a glance

The goal of a boho-inspired wedding is to make the most of your natural surroundings. Effortless, carefree, and chic are words often used to describe this style and there’s no better place to start than with your decor choices. Borrowed, rustic, or even upcycled pieces work well for a boho vibe, along with sustainable and more eco-conscious decisions. Succulents, macrame, layered rugs, burlap, and informal seating options can all help visually bring your style together.

Natural florals for a Bohemian wedding

Always opt for embracing the natural when it comes to every aspect of your wedding, in particular your florals. Evergreens and succulents are a wonderful accompaniment, especially when creating centrepieces, or offering favours. For bouquets and buttonholes, always choose seasonal flowers, not only will they match your location, but they are a more sustainable option. A wonderful alternative can be dried, or even faux flowers (which can look just as beautiful as the real thing, but can be kept as a memory).

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Easy Bohemian clothing

Laidback is the only requirement when it comes to your wedding gown, the rest is entirely for you to decide, to suit your style and comfort levels. Some brides will opt for a simple gown topped off with a flower crown, whilst others may prefer a timeless lace style. From fitted to bell sleeves, to separate pieces, to a flowy skirt, nothing is off-limits when it comes to your boho wedding day. Whilst most brides choose to stay in the white, cream, and beige colour palette, this is not set in stone, and a blush pink can work just as well!

When it comes to the groom, he can take inspiration from wherever he wishes, either coordinating with the bride or choosing a contrasting colour palette. The beauty of a boho wedding theme is the no rules vibe the entire day will have. Braces, cropped trousers, and casual shoes look just as good as a three-piece tweed suit.

Above all, a bohemian wedding is all about having fun, and your choices should reflect that! Share your top boho tips in the comments.


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