How to create a Wedding mood board

You may be saying, “Natali, what even is a wedding mood board?”, and honestly, great question. I start out creating a visual mood board for every creative project I work on, and as a bride or groom to be, you will find it is well worth making one yourself! Mood boards are used for everything from interiors to set design, nothing can capture an aesthetic quite like a mood board. Once you have made one (or more), it can be used to help almost all your suppliers get an idea of how your dream wedding would look.

The basics for creating a moodboard

The great thing about mood boards is that they can be as simple or complicated as you wish. Physical to digital, to something in between, mood boards can be created by even the least creative person! An excellent mood board is simply there to provide a visual proposal for whoever looks at it. You can choose to create one mood board that displays the overall vibes of your wedding day or have more detailed ones for each element – florals, outfits, cake, styling, etc. The style of your mood board can vary greatly and include visuals alone or a more textured approach.

Mood Board Colour Palette Inspiration

Start with bullet points

When you are beginning your wedding planning, consider a few simple things and bullet point them. The answers to these will be your starting point for creating your mood board.

What season do you want to get married in?

What would your dream venue be?

Will you have a ‘theme’?

What do you have in common?

Is there something that represents you both?

Collect mood board inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere and in any form, so don’t restrict yourself by only looking into weddings. Is there a particular interior colour palette that you love? Is there a coffee shop that just radiates good vibes? Is there a specific ribbon or piece of material that you love?

Looking into things/spaces that already draw your eye is a wonderful place to start when working out the aesthetic for your wedding day. Have your partner collect things that draw their eye as well to find the middle ground in what you both love.

Picture your dream day

Once you have an idea of what visuals and textures you love, it’s now time to collect images that reflect this.

If you want to get hands-on, grab some magazines and start cutting out anything you love! Shop for some cut washi tape (you won’t regret it), and start layering your images, ribbons, etc together to create a visual dream board.

If digital is more your vibe, there are many different software options to choose from, although I would always recommend Canva for ease. Not only do they come with templates to get you started, but Canva has an extensive library of images you can use.

Pinterest is a wonderful source for self use imagery
(credits must be given if you are using the images elsewhere).
See some great Pinterest inspiration here

Shades of wedding

During this process, a colour palette should come to light, particularly if your inspiration gravitated towards some set colours. Create a space on your mood board to highlight the colours as a reminder of what you are looking for – Coolers is perfect for working out what colours work well together.

Words matter

Your mood board doesn’t have just to be images, feel free to incorporate text, quotes and song lyrics – anything that reflects the two of you and your love! It could be a joke between the two of you, a movie ticket from your first date, or even a page from a book you both love!

Share, share, share

Once you have a perfect visual representation of your dream wedding, it’s now time to bring it to life! Search out the perfect venue to match the vibe you are looking for, shop for the ideal wedding gown, or send it to your floral designer to help them design the most dream-worthy display.

Update with ease

Don’t be afraid to change, amend or update your mood board(s) throughout the planning process. When planning a wedding, your inspiration shouldn’t be static but rather ever-evolving to match your dream. You may fall in love with a wedding dress that means you need to tweak the floral plans for your bouquet.

Are you a fan of mood boards? Let us know in the comments!


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