How to ask for cash as a wedding gift

Receiving money on your wedding day is the norm in many cultures, however, if you are from a culture that traditionally receives gifts, you might not be sure how to ask for money as an alternative. That’s where we can help, keep scrolling for a stress-free experience.

Is it awkward to ask for money?

Traditionally couples would provide a gift list, usually registered with a local department store, or an online store, which guests would choose a gift from. These were always goods to help the couple ‘set up house’, from kitchen goods to furniture. However, most couples will already be living together (often for multiple years) before their wedding, as such, they are unlikely to need new toasters, kettles, etc. Something helpful to all couples tends to be monetary gifts, perfect to put towards a mortgage deposit, honeymoon, or big home purchase! So how do you go about asking for money, especially with older guests/family members?

Different ways to ask for money gifts

There are multiple ways you can approach asking for money for your wedding gift, depending on what you feel comfortable with, or which would best suit guests..

Include a note on your invitations

There are many many you can phrase asking for monetary contributions in lieu of the usual gifts:

  • Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift of all. However, if you wish to honour us with a gift, a cash gift would be very welcome.
  • Cash gifts are welcome, but not expected, and will be put towards our honeymoon/new home, etc.
  • Cash gifts are welcome if you would like to contribute to our honeymoon, etc. However, your presence is all that’s required.

Ask your wedding party and family members to pass on the information

If you are not comfortable adding a note with your invitations, guests will often reach out to those closest to you to ask what you need. Make sure your wedding party and close family members know that you would be appreciative of cash towards your honeymoon, etc. They can then pass the information on to you, without you needing to have the conversation.

Wedding Website

It is quite common to have a wedding website to help you deal with a lot of the juggling needed leading up to your wedding day. From handling RSVPs, providing all the on-the-day information, including venue directions, and more. Make a space on your wedding website to get the information to your guests on your preferred gift of money. This is an easy go-to for all your guests, and you can even add a FAQ section, explaining that gifts are not required, but cash is welcome – offering what you hope to put the money towards.

Gift Registry Services

We have shared 7 of the best wedding gift list options previously, including a few great options for honeymoon, etc funds. These are the perfect middleman for asking for monetary gifts, it avoids any issues of collecting physical money on your wedding day, and sharing your bank details for direct deposits. It also makes your guests feel more comfortable gifting money, especially those older guests who want to add a message alongside their donation.


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