Hosting your own garden bridal shower with ease

If you are planning a bridal shower, why not consider an outdoor one in the comfort of your own garden? To help you plan the perfect day we have teamed up with to bring you some easy planning tips, from parking to noise, to the menu.

Time of the year

Weather can be very unpredictable, especially in the UK, so bear in mind what month you plan your bridal shower and what precautions you should take. Gazebos are perfect for providing some shade in the hot weather, as well as offering shelter on wetter days.


Your bridal shower is likely to create a lot of noise, especially once the drinks or games start. It would be neighbourly to let your neighbours know beforehand, particularly if you think it will be a late one. Additionally, your street will find itself with a lot more cars than usual.

Your Menu

Consider what menu options will be most accessible for you, both on the day and during the lead-up. You will want something easy to serve to leave yourself free to enjoy your day, as well as easy to store. Additionally, you may wish to outsource the food to either a family member or a catering company or opt for some delicious desserts!


Work out the logistics of fitting your guest list into your garden, especially if the weather turns and you need to move the party inside. Will you be planning multiple showers to accommodate different guests/sides of the family or one large bridal shower? It might be that you need to look at booking a restaurant garden, or similar.


Food, drinks, decorations, it all adds up quickly. Do you need to rent chairs and tables, or can you borrow them? Do you need to carry out any work in the garden before the bridal shower? Work out your budget before planning starts, and make choices to suit it.


From vintage to tropical to retro, there are many themes to choose between. Whether you go full-on with costumes or just the decor, it can be fun to mix things up.

Entertainment and Games

When people attend bridal showers, they usually expect to play bridal shower games or enjoy some type of entertainment. Some common games that consider for your bridal shower include:

  • Ring hunt
  • Bridal shower bingo
  • Wedding jeopardy
  • The Newlywed Game
  • Who Said It
  • Wedding Movie Charades


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