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Oh the Hen Do! The sparkly, shiny, best night out of your life, no pressure, don’t ruin it, Hen DO! Its something brides imagine and think about when they are young- well teen at least- and it’s something all Maid of Honours feel the heat over. Although, what you can forget to realise, is it’s probably the biggest moment pre-wedding that makes or breaks your wedding party, the brides support network, her besties. So whether you are the bride with high expectations, or a sweating Maid of Honour, we’ve provided you with some Hen DO’s and Hen DON’Ts so you don’t make the best night out of your life… the worst.

Photo credit: BEcky HArley Photography

Photo credit: BEcky HArley Photography


Not everyone wants the Vegas night out with strippers and potential regrets. If you’re the bride that loves a cup of tea and a good girl chat, then don’t feel pressured by your more outgoing bridesmaids to party it up. Make it clear you’d like to keep your hen do cosy and comfortable.

DON’T: Get carried away with bride/ bridesmaid pieces.

Pinterest has told us a lie that ALL the details matter. They don’t. People matter. Instead of spending too much on bride/ bridesmaid paraphernalia, write a meaningful cards to give to your bride/bridesmaids, plan a day where you’ll enjoy each others company and make your bride and bridesmaids feel special.

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DO: Location location location. (within reason)

Everyone loves a great getaway, but choose meaningful over cost. Go to a family holiday home, local holiday park, or even glamping! There’s no need to make your friends pay for overseas flights and accommodation to have a memorable time. Find favourite local hot spots or great scenery and enjoy.

DON’T: Make your bridesmaids do something they don’t want to.

No one likes a bully, especially a bully bride. I mean let’s be honest, there’s enough of them to even have their one coined name “Bridezilla”. Nothing sounds scarier than that! So brides, remember who you are friends with and why you are, some might love going skydiving and others would rather go to the spa. Try to find a middle ground where you will still feel it’s a great day and allow the not so keen to hang low for parts of the day if they need to.

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DO: Food.

Good food makes alllll locations comfortable and enjoyable places to be. Wherever you are, prep some good meals or snacks for your friends to enjoy. No one gets along when they are hangry!

DON’T: Think that money doesn’t matter.

Sadly, it does. If it didn’t we’d all be living the high life, because let’s be honest, we’ve all dreamed up a hen do that would beyond break the bank. So let’s not forget it’s not the job of our friends to fund our dreams. If you really want your elaborate hen do dreams to come true, be ready to dish it out on behalf of your friends. Friends are more important than money. Don’t forget that. 

Wedding Hen Do Blog Buckinghamshire

DO: Remember what it’s all about.

The bride, the fact that she found the love of her life to spend the rest of her life with, and here’s a chance to celebrate with her in her exciting time. Not about you, the bridesmaid on the end, not about money and gifts and getting the perfect insta pic, and definitely not about throwing a wrench into a long worked for relationship either with her and her besties or her lover. Be wise, be kind and don’t get carried away in the drama.


The best parts about weddings and all the parties and excitement that come with them, is that all your favourite people are together. Create a space for people to get to know each other and have a good time.. and soak in the moments where all your best friends laughed together!

Hope that helps you plan your Hen do and make it a memorable one! If you’ve had a great hen do in one of our four counties (Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, or Bedfordshire) please tell us about it and what made it great in our comments below! We’d love to hear from you! Want some more inspiration? Check out our fragrance making hen party review post here!


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