Fresh spring wedding colour palettes

Spring screams pastel when it comes to your colour palette, not only can this be easily replicated with your florals, but there’s something carefree and romantic about pastel colours. To help you narrow down your spring colour palette, we have picked some popular colours and some combinations you may not have thought of.


Peach is a staple of the spring wedding colour palette. It can feel very reminiscent of a 70’s wedding. Pairing it with other fresh colours can be the perfect colour for a modern bride.

Peach and natural green hues

Soft, romantic and versatile, pairing peach with natural greenery is a simple yet elegant option.

Peach and lemon

Contemporary and fresh, this is a colour palette that screams Spring and is easy to carry on through the rest of your decor.

Peach and white

Sophisticated and timeless, pairing peach with white is an understated yet eyecatching colour palette.


Spring is known for nature coming back to life, with flowers blooming in various colours. Incorporating green into your wedding colour scheme compliments the season beautifully.

Green and white

A classic elegant colour palette, green and white, cannot be beaten!

Green and champagne

A modern twist on the green and white colour palette, opting for a champagne shade allows for a softer look on your wedding day.

Green and blue

Green and blue can be hard to pair, but it can look fabulous if you get it right. A top tip is to introduce the green through the foliage.


Many colours have multiple shades that work fantastically together, creating a modern, fresh look.

Shades of muted nature

Capturing the shades of nature offer a full range of different hues. Opting for the more muted tones create a stunning wedding look.

Shades of vibrant nature

On the opposite end of the spectrum, nature offers a beautiful range of vibrant colours which look simply fabulous together.


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