5 perfect ‘Familymoon’ destinations

5 perfect familymoon destinations honeymoon planning bedfordshire

When it comes to planning a honeymoon, an adults only, white sand paradise may not be suitable! For many of you, children are part of the picture, and a family friendly honeymoon is exactly what you need. Today we speak to our resident honeymoon expert Penny from Bedfordshire based Suitcase Travel to find out where you should be heading to relax after your special day!

How do you keep every one happy and still have your dream holiday?

Looking after a family and planning a wedding is stressful enough and now you have to think about

your honeymoon as well? So many questions…do you bring the children along too? If so, how do you

keep everyone happy and yet still have your dream holiday?

Don’t panic – whether you have energetic young children, chilled teenagers or a newborn baby and

whatever type of holiday you want to go on, I’m here to help.

1. Florida

Florida is the home to Disney world, Universal Studios and a whole host of other activities. Every childs (and most adults) dream is to go to Disney world to experience the Disney magic, but it doesn’t have to be totally exhausting. Why not combine the parks with some relaxing days by the pool in your own villa? You could even spend the second week of your trip on a Caribbean cruise or driving along the coast in your car.

Bedfordshire 5 places to go on a family honeymoon  with Suitcase Travel

2. Mexico

Mexico has some fantastic resorts that cater for families, with many being ultra all-inclusive but without a huge price tag. Cancun and the resorts nearby are ideal for those who want white sand beaches and five star service throughout their stay. Along the Mayan Riviera, the activities are endless. Visit the Mayan ruins or head over to Xcaret park where you can discover the Mayan History in a fun and interactive way.

Bedfordshire 5 places to go on a family honeymoon  with Suitcase Travel

3. Mauritius

If you plan to bring children on your honeymoon it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the idyllic Indian Ocean too. Mauritius is a gem, perfect for families and when you start to compare it with the cost of European beach holidays you will realise it’s not as expensive as you might think. Your children will love the beaches and you will love the cocktails!

Bedfordshire 5 places to go on a family honeymoon  with Suitcase Travel

4. A Mediterranean Cruise

Cruises offer unlimited fun for children with water slides, kids clubs, swimming pools and so much more. As for you, there are spa’s, chill out zones and all your food and an unlimited supply of ice-cream included. A holiday where you don’t need to fly means no more airport stress, and anyone with children will know that’s a bonus! To top off this perfect sounding holiday, everyone can discover somewhere new each day without having to drive anywhere.

Bedfordshire 5 places to go on a family honeymoon  with Suitcase Travel

5. Spain

Everyone loves a bit of sun and Spain has plenty of it. Spain is still a really affordable place to visit, making it great for family holidays. It’s not just about the all-inclusive beach resorts, instead you could discover new cities or even some of the delightful towns and villages in the mountains. Whether you want to go off the beaten track or enjoy the hotels on the beach, Spain has it all and the flight time is short – another bonus when you have small children!

Wherever you dream of spending your honeymoon, don’t let the fact that it’s a ‘familymoon’ put you off certain locations. Speak to the team at Suitcase Travel in Dunstable and they will ensure they find the perfect package to suit you and your family.

Bedfordshire 5 places to go on a family honeymoon  with Suitcase Travel


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