Should we have an engagement photo shoot?

10 reasons to have an engagement photoshoot hertfordshire photographer lee rushby

Couples often come to me with wedding planning questions, and increasingly I am asked ‘Should we have an engagement photo shoot?’. Wedding planning can be expensive and I understand that couples want to save money where they can. Having an Engagement photo shoot may seem like an unnecessary additional expense – and let’s be honest, is it really worth it? I caught up with Hertfordshire wedding photographer Lee Rushby Photography to find out what all the fuss is about – and why he thinks they are worth considering.

10 reasons why you should have an engagement photoshoot

You’ve got a friend who has a ‘nice camera’ and they are going to take some photos for you and you have loads of snapchat filtered selfies on your Facebook wall, but are there any benefits to getting some professional couples portraits done with your wedding photographer?  Here are 10 reasons to consider…

engagement photo shoot Hertfordshire wedding photographer Lee Rushby

1. It’s like a dress rehearsal for your wedding photographs

You have probably never had professional photographs taken of yourselves before.  Do you want the first time to be on your wedding day when you have no idea what to expect, and end up looking wooden and stiff in all of your images?  Taking the time to do an engagement photo shoot means you have the chance to get used to working with and being posed by your photographer so that you feel more comfortable on your wedding day.

2. Your photographer will get to know you

An engagement photo shoot gives your photographer the chance to get to know you a little better. It will give them the best chance to know how to capture you on your wedding day. They will have a better understanding of how you work, and what you like and dislike.

3. You can get creative

It’s a chance to be adventurous.  We can make as much effort as you like on your engagement photo shoot.  We can go for a walk in the park and I can just photograph you interacting as a couple or we can do a theme and a mood board and create a stylised shoot to create some dramatic editorial style portraits.  Whatever you choose to do, you will have some special images of you as a couple.

engagement photo shoot Hertfordshire wedding photographer Lee Rushby

4. You are creating memories

Engagement photos give you the chance to have some really great images of you and your partner (no doggy noses or kitten ears here!) so that you can have some memories of this stage of your relationship.

5. You can get to know your photographer    

An engagement photo shoot is a really good chance for you to get to know your photographer a little better.  Your wedding day is high pressure enough without having to get to know someone new. Working together to create engagement images for you will ensure that by the time your wedding arrives, I just feel like an extension of your family.

10 reasons to have an engagement photo shoot, hertfordshire wedding photographer

10 reasons to have an engagement photo shoot, hertfordshire wedding photographer

6. You will learn to forget the camera

We are all guilty of not liking to have our photos taken.  It can be quite odd at first to have a camera thrust in your face and be up close and personal with you.  Taking an hour or so before your wedding to do a photo shoot like this will help you to relax and be together in the moment without worrying about the photographer being there with you.

7. New artwork for your new home   

I’m all about the art work!  Creating some amazing images during your engagement session will ensure that you have a variety of artwork to display in your home for you to remember these special moments in your life.

8. You can use the photos on your wedding day

The images can be really useful!  You can do more with your photos than just put them on Facebook (Who knew?!?!).  You could create a wedding signing book, engagement announcement cards, Christmas cards, wedding programs or a coffee table book.  The limit is purely your imagination.

9. It’s great fun       

Planning a wedding is stressful, there is no doubt about that.  Taking a couple of hours out to do an engagement photo shoot means that you can meet up, walk around a favourite spot or the park, grab a coffee and just enjoy life for a while.

10 reasons to have an engagement photo shoot, hertfordshire wedding photographer

LRP-10-Reasons-to-have-an-engagment-shoot-7.jpg10 reasons to have an engagement photo shoot, hertfordshire wedding photographer

10. The chance to change your mind about your photographer   

As a worst case scenario, if you find that you simply do not get along with your chosen photographer, it gives you chance to find another one before your big day.  Your photographer is the only supplier involved with your wedding that will be with you from getting ready in the morning until leaving your reception.  It is very important that you get along with your photographer or your already stressful day will just be made worse.

hertfordshire luxury wedding photographer lee rushby


Thanks Lee, I think we can all agree that having an engagement photo shoot is certainly worth considering and talking to your photographer about. To see more of Lee’s amazing work, or to contact him about your own wedding day then you can head to his website Lee Rushby Photography.

Want to get to know Lee a little better? I recently interviewed him and you can read his interview by clicking here.


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